Volunteers Needed - Trail Maintenance at Peacock Challenge Course

FreddyH-sqI am looking for volunteers to go up Peacock Challenge course and do some trail maintenance.

Meet at the Dillingham Airfield tomorrow morning, September 15, at 6am. We will hike up to the pig gates and the single track area.

Please contact me if you are able to volunteer. Make sure to select "Peacock Challenge" in the subject of the contact form.

Thank you my friends!


Mahalo and Happy Holidays!

Photo by: Steph Kuwaye

Mahalo to all the awesome volunteers and Oahu Na Ala Hele for coming out this past weekend to work on the trails! Great results for all the efforts put in! Improvements along Kalawahine & Manoa Cliff trails make them almost highways! Was great having old & new friends working together! Hoping to setup another trail maintenance day soon. Happy holidays everyone!

Jeff F.

Photo by Melanie Decker Koehl
Photo by Steph Kuwaye

Trail Maintenance

Photo by Oahu Na Ala Hele

With the high amount of wet & windy weather we've been having, the trails have become both overgrown & blocked by debris. Please lend your kokua as we join up with Oahu Na Ala Hele to help make much needed repairs to the Tantalus trail systems.

We will be meeting at the Na Ala Hele base yard (top of the HNC driveway) to gather equipment then traveling out to areas needing work. Please wear clothes that won't restrict movement yet provide you with adequate protection from any debris. Wear good covered shoes, such as those for trail running or hiking. Na Ala Hele will provide the majority of the tools; however if you have any non-powered tools you wish to bring, please do so. But please be aware that you will be responsible for whatever you bring. Also bring adequate water for at least 5-hrs of work as well as snacks.

Date: December 19, 2015 (Saturday)
Time: 7:30AM
Na Ala Hele
2135 Makiki Heights Drive
Honolulu, Hawaii 96822


Jeff F.

2 Days of FREE Trail Building Classes - Jan 24-25th - Updated

Aloha Athletes,

The awesome team at Oahu Mountain Bike Ohana, IMBA and the State of Hawaii have been working hard arranging a weekend full of classes to help us learn about and maintain our trails. Come learn about trail design, technique and about the invasive species and how to eradicate them when you see them on the trails. Skills apply to both runners and bikers alike and this course is open to anyone interested in attending.

Or for those of you that want to relax after running the 100 mile event this weekend, this is also the day we'll be having our annual Potluck & party at Ho'omaluhia gardens...but I'll post more on that next week ;)

10915341_287124228077918_5753085540564299885_nNote you MUST attend the morning classroom session to participate in the field project. Wear pants, closed-toe shoes, a hat, gloves and bring water for the trail project.

See you all at Tantalus for 36 hours of fun this weekend!

Register at:  https://www.imba.com/civicrm/event/register?id=470&reset=1


Kokua Day: Trail maintenance volunteering

Aloha trail runners!!!

This Saturday, January 10, we will be working with Na Ala Hele (NAH) to perform various types of work on the Tantalus and Nu'uanu trails in preparation for the big event in two weeks. We will be meeting up at the Na Ala Hele offices/base yard at 7am (just up the driveway past the Nature Center) to sign waivers, get instruction, and pack equipment before heading up to the areas of work. Those wishing to partipate should be able to willing to do put in a good day's amount of manual labor as we will be hiking in from the trail heads (and back out) with tools as well as performing the necessary trail work (i.e., vegetation clearance, trail widening).

If you would like to volunteer in this effort, please contact me ([email protected]) by the morning of Thursday, January 8, as we need to get a approximate number of people NAH. Volunteers shoud bring water and snacks/energy as well as wear appropriate clothing (i.e., old pants, shirts, hiking/trail shoes). We should be finished and back at the Nature Center by about 1:30/2pm.

Mahalo for your support!!


October 13th: Aiea Loop Trail Work Day

Aloha Athletes,

Jeff and Cheryl have been hard at work coordinating a trail work day on the Aiea Loop Trail (with DLNR's permission of course). Join H.U.R.T. and spend a morning giving back to the trails that give us so much in return. Please rsvp to Jeff if you would like to attend at:  jwkfong at hawaii dot rr dot com by no later than October 12th.


When: October 13th

Time: 6:45 am - 11 am

Where:  Meet 6:45 / 7am at the upper trail head of Aiea Loop Trail

Mission:  We will be doing some removal/trimming of non-native vegetation that has overgrown onto the well used trail system. Although work will concentrate on the upper section of the loop, a few able-bodied people may be asked to lug some gear down to get areas further down the trail. We should be finished by 11/11:30am so we can also picnic at the park after, so please bring something to share if you attend.

What to bring:

  • Water
  • Gloves
  • Vegetation cutting equipment (shears, hand tools, machetes)
  • Old clothes - you WILL get wet and dirty.
  • Potluck dish to share

Extra special thanks to all who are participating in advance!

Manoa Cliff Project Restoration 8.17.13 - Trail Work Summary

Aloha Athletes,
Today the H.U.R.T. group combined forces with the Mānoa Cliff Forest Restoration project to do some maintenance on our beloved Tantalus trails in preparation for Triple Trek on August 31st.
Photo by Wily Woo

Many of you likely pass through the two gates regularly without giving more than a passing thought as to why they might be there. These gates actually exist a) to keep out feral pigs and b) to outline the perimeter of the 6 acres of land that is being conserved by the Manoa Cliff Restoration Project. While the land is still owned by the State, in 2005, with the assistance of the Conservation Council of Hawai'i, the Project received a permit from Na Ala Hele to restore a section of the Mānoa Cliff Trail between its junctions with the Pu'u 'Ōhi'a and Pauoa Flats Trails. The effort involves manually controlling invasive species and to protect and promote native plant growth. What's amazing is that just about every plant you would think of as being 'Hawaiian' is in fact non-native. From most species of hibiscus, ginger, plumeria, mangoes, avocados, strawberry guavas, bamboo and various other ferns and plants that line that trails, these were all originally brought in from outside sources. Many are a direct threat to the survival of native species such as the well known Koa and Kukui trees.
Photo by Wily Woo

Starting our day, 12 of us met at 8:30 near the pumping station in Makiki to disperse tools and carpool up to the Moleka parking lot on Roundtop drive. From there we hiked in roughly 1.5 miles to the site. On our hike in, our personal guide and regular Manoa Cliff project volunteer, Juliet identified many native plants and gave us tips on what to clear and what to be careful not to disturb. Seeing Mamaki plants (which can be dried to make delicious tea) was a highlight for me! On the hike in, the group slowly split in to two. The first went ahead to the actual work site while the rest of us spent some time clearing as we hiked in. Once we made our way in to the gated area, our main focus was on cutting back palm grass and ginger along the trail. Clem got to work with the weed whacker to put the final touches on our efforts and after a few hours of work, we broke for lunch and made our way out elated by the great work we had accomplished during our day.

HUGE thanks to everyone who came out and special thanks to Juliet Langley for taking such good care of us all and sharing her extensive knowledge and passion for conservation efforts. Thanks to Mashuri and Brandon of the Manoa Cliff Project as well for organizing and welcoming so many of us out to participate.

Participants & Organizers:
  • Triple Trek RD - Heather M.
    Photo by Wily Woo
  • Triple Trek RD - Fish A.
  • PJ & Bob
  • Wily W.
  • Cindy Q.
  • Matt Q.
  • Clem A.G.
  • Jacki D.
  • Kelly S.
  • Juliet L.
  • Mike H.
Please visit www.manoacliff.org to learn more about the project. They have work days each and every Sunday from 9am - noon. It's important to give back to the maintenance and support of the trails that give us so much in return!

A hui ho,
Photo by Wily Woo


Trail Maintenance Opportunity: Sunday 8-18-13 9:00 a.m.

Aloha Athletes,

After a few quick e-mails this morning we have an opportunity to do some trail maintenance in preparation of the Tantalus Triple Trek. I was able to run a couple of loops up there this weekend and overall the course is in pretty good shape with the exception of the area on the Manoa Cliff Trail between the two pig gates. 

So...if you would like to work with the people who are doing the native plant forest restoration project and help clear the trail, please let PJ know. We will coordinate with how many people are going to make sure we have enough tools. There are a lot of native plants along the trail so this will be selective clearing and trimming. The plan is to meet at the parking area where Moleka and Manoa Cliff trail cross the road at 9:00 a.m. on Sunday and hike the cliff trail up to the area. Alternatively you could run up there from another starting point. 

Please let PJ know though so she can let the Project Coordinator know how many people to expect. 

Her contact is three-five 1 dash fourteen 53. You know the e-mail right? hurtpals at a oh L dot com. 

Mahalo for your help in advance. This will be a good relationship to foster since we use that section of the trail so extensively for both Trail Series races and also the HURT 100.

Aloha, Bob

Mahalo to HURT volunteers!!!

Next time you are on the Maunawili trail and it looks like this:


Think of the hard-working crew that transformed the trail from this:


Thank you SO much for the hours, the sweat, and the brawn that was generously donated by the following people:

The work gangSteve DeWald
Larry Inouye
Jeff Fong
Freddy Halmes
Cheryl Loomis
Mike Muench
Scot Kuwaye
Gordon Lau
Rosie Warfield
Jeremy Dow
Clem Aleka Gorai
Susie Stephen
Heather McCafferty
Jacque Tellei
Augusto DeCastro
Neal Yasuda
Johnny Landezza
Doug Baker
Keith Campbell
Barbie McAllaster
Marian Yasuda

Trail Work Volunteer Opportunity 6-16-2012

Aloha HURT Ohana!

Saturday, June 16 will be an opportunity for us to assist Na Ala Hele with the maintenence of the Maunawili trail and also prepare for the trail for hoards of people wanting to Run With the Pigs!  Na Ala Hele has generously agreed to work with us to make this work day happen.

Trail work







What to bring:

  • Water
  • Sunscreen and hat
  • Gloves
  • Lunch and snacks
  • Mosquito repellant
  • Tools such as; weedwhackers, hedge trimmers, machetes

The tenative plan is to meet at the Maunawili trailhead at 10 am.  We will load into State Vehicle(s) and be driven a couple of miles up the jeep road access (making the hike significantly shorter for access to the middle section). 

If you are interested in helping out, please respond with a comment or email me at mnyasuda at hawaii dot rr dot com.  Indicate in your response the number of people and any tools that you might be able to provide.  If you are needing certification of trail work for a planned trail race, I will facilitate that certification.  Just provide your necessary form to me on the day of service and I will get it signed.

Let's take time to give back and celebrate National Trails Day . NTDart_2012








Aloha, Marian