Run to Sun 2012 Info


Run To The Sun (unofficially and self supported) Saturday March 18th, 2011 0430 hrs from the Maui Mall in Kahului to the summit of Haleakala 10032 feet, 36.2 miles on the island of Maui. Come do the course as an individual or as part of a relay team.
Unfortunately we haven't been successful in finding a Race Director to continue this race so we are continuing running it unofficially.
There are no rules, no fees, nothing official! Anything goes!
So come and join us. Again this is unofficial and self-supported. There will be an after party at a residence on the way down.
Please call Bram if interested or needing more details! 808 280 4893


Sending JanM off with aloha!

Most of you know &/or have run with JanM, who has been part of the HURT ohana for the last several years. She is soon moving on to new things on the mainland, and so we are planning an aloha send-off run of the Kuli'ou'ou Connector Trail Loop on Saturday, December 10th. The plan:

Meet at 7am at the intersection of Kaluanui Rd and Ehu Wai Pl in Hawaii Kai (the bottom of the road that leads up to the trail head of the Mariner's Ridge Trail). You can park on the street right in that area. We will run up Kaluanui Rd to Mariner's Ridge Trail, take the Kuli'ou'ou Connector Trail cut-off at the top, and then come down Kuli'ou'ou Trail, cut across to the back of Hahaione Valley at the junction, and then run the streets back to our cars. Will be going fun run pace so plan for approximately 3 hours?!?

If people are free/interested afterwards, we will go to Koko Marina Starbucks for post-run coffee+breakfast.

MikeNJan pic
(MikeM n JanM on the Kalaupapa Trail, after our Run Across Molokai adventure)

Email me at juliedottakishimaatyahoodotcom with any questions. Hope to see you there!!


MUTT Productions Presents: tHe mAuI cOAstaL rELAy

Now that PEACOCK is over with, time to start serious HURT training and here is a neighbor island adventure because you will get sick of running the Makiki/Tantalus trail system. 

MAUI. ULTRA .TRAIL. TEAM .that is  Comprising oF JEFF Sanders . and PAUL HOPI.   Its going to be a low key trainning /sightseeing  tour  

WHEN !   Event  is friday the 18th nov THROUGH  sun 20th nov.    

WHAT ! - a 160mile  team adventure /event  to circumnavigate the entire island of MAUI, including the Kings trail, a fifteen mile section of remote rugged coastline starting at Lapereuse.              

HOW!     Starting at Kanaha bch park and heading to beach road we will then run the back side to kapalua and on to Kam 1 where day one finishes rotating a runner every hour. This was run last year and was a lot of fun ,think adventure not race! .Day two  starts at Kam 1 where we left off aaaaaaaaaahhhh! No this was easy folks we were excited to see the kings Trail and day two was a blast. More of a fast paced hike/jog than running as terrain permitted. GOATS were spotted  in abundance .We finish up at seven pools and camp the night.

MORE FUN!!     Day three and the homeward leg takes us HANA RELAYS in reverse and a little extra  , seeing as though we start at 7 pools.   Last year was five hrs of running each on a two person team broke up of course hour by hour. So if you do the math on say  a four person team   you will be running  just over two 10ks a day or equal to one half marathon,totaly fun and totaly doable without any ultra DNA  in your legs . .SO  Lets get out there and run !.  More details will be provided to intrested partys such as start times ,safety issues ,more detailed logistics ect. by contacting   Paul Hopi  via email   pablohopwood


Trail Marking, Taper Run, and Pot Luck; October 22, 2011


Meet at the Dillingham Airfield  Parking Lot at 7:00 AM on Saturday 10/22 for a brief light run and some trail marking, followed by a Pot Luck.

Gordon has asked me to post a request for volunteers to mark the Peacock trail this Saturday Morning. We will be dividing up into groups and heading out of the Airport parking lot at 7:00 as usual. We will then meet up back at the airport at about 11:00 for a Pot Luck. All are invited to come and do a bit of trail marking, a light taper run, or more if you wish, and then we will do a Pau Hana to our Peacock training. You don't even need to go up the Kealia to show up for the Pau Hana.

Gordon needs some volunteers to do A. Upper Kealia and Are's Loop B. Gordon's and Lower loop. C. Cross Over to Rock Piles. D: The Kuaokala Makua Ridge from Balls to Stash.

Important Race Day Note: If you plan to enter the airport prior to 7:00AM you will be required to present current vehicle paper work. (Insurance, registration, inspection). Please check you paperwork prior to race day so you will not be barred from coming in due to this preannounced idiocy.




An Ode to Peacocks 

The mountains have been climbed and re-climbed, the long stretches of twisting trails and fire roads have been memorized, the infinite ups and downs have been suffered and the culmination of another running cycle draws near.

Peacocks, which was so recently an audacious experiment, then born an ambitious 54+ miler, morphs into a full-blown madly-rugged 100+ K, and is now upon us! We've crammed in all the training possible and stand waiting, wondering what to do other than be out running hard along the northern ridges of the Waianae. One last chug up the hill perhaps? One last visit to the panoramic vistas we will have little time to appreciate on race day? Maybe, or are we just yielding to the unbreakable habit of over training?


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Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1 50k report

Continuing in my series of training runs for the UTMB, last weekend saw a change of venue as I headed down south ("dan saf" as they say here) via riot torn London to visit in-laws in Portsmouth and take part in the local Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1 trail run.  The name derives from the fact that this takes in 5 river crossings; 4 hills; 3 stately homes; 2 castles and one cathedral.  All very pretty, and weather cooperated quite nicely for a change.  The 50k is part of a number of races and walks, all on the same day, that are in aid of the local fire brigade, and there were about 90 starters.  Compared to my recent forays in Lake and Peak districts this was pretty flat going and was in fact 100% runnable and, again unlike the other races, the course was well marked for the most part.  As with most races here, the aid stations were mostly just water stops and (like many of the other runners) I went out with virtually no fuel which was a mistake. After a few hours we were mostly running on empty, but thankfully came across one aid station that had delicious bread and butter pudding, so a few miles later got a second wind and flew for the last 5 or so miles.  Winning time was a M50 runner from Portsmouth Jogging club who came in at 4:04 and I came in 29th (3rd M55) at 4:43, which I was quite pleased with considering the recent level of effort.  Next stop Chamonix!  Nick K. 

Backpacking the Ko'olau Summit Trail

2011KSTPoamuaCabinGroup After months of preparing gear, testing equipment and dropping some stash the Memorial Day weekend finally arrived. Me and a couple HURT runners have made it a tradition to backpack the length of the Ko'olau Summit Trail (KST). It starts at Pupukea and ends at Kipapa trail. The Kipapa section is legally closed so will exit thru Waikane valley via Waikane trail. This year making the trip would be Ernest Tay (ET), Jim Masterson, the Fishman and me Gordon Lau dubbed the "Captain" since I was leading the way and always writing in my captains log.

Through past experiances with the KST we were all packing pretty light for a three day jaunt. Ernest had the heaviest pack since he was carrying about six liters of water. The morning of the first at Pupukea was beautiful. Cool and no rain. As we went further and climbed higher the weather started to change and it got windy and misty. The wind would stay with us for the whole trek. We bashed thru guava and uluhe fern past the Kahuku and Malaekahana trails and finally arrived at the Laie trail in the late afternoon. A short while later we reached the Kawailoa campsite. Hiking the KST is extremely slow at times. Maybe a mile an hour at best. Pitching our tents in the gusty winds was a chore.

We filtered our water from a nearby stream and made dinner. Freeze-dried meals and Ramen is the choice for KST backpackers. My favorite is the freeze-dried Lasagna! Just as the sun started to set it started to drizzle and get cold. Everyone settled in for the night. I didn't get much sleep that cold, wet and super windy night. I was glad when the sun started to light up the sky on Sunday morning. It was still cold and misty when we packed up and left Kawailoa. I had a good laugh when I came across a ribbon on the KST put up by Tom Yoza of the Hawaii Trail and Mountain Club wishing us good luck. He had come up Laie trail a week before to clear some of the trail for us. Mahalo Thomas!

The leg between Kawailoa and Poamoho is my favorite. It passes thru O'ahus pristine forest and bogs. Very close to the Hawaii hundreds of years ago. The KST thru Puu Kaainapuaa and the old Kahuku cabin area was very muddy but fully passible. When we reached the awesome lookout at the back of Kaipapau gulch we took a break from the cold and wet conditions. We shared Granola bars, trail mix and Jim's dried fish jerky.

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Sibley South Loop May 7th

After you are finished with Run with a View and want a few more miles, feel free to join me on my South Loop 40 miler.  Below are some approximate splits allowing for a popsicle, coffee and water.  This run is my last prep run for a charity event in Baton Rouge on May 20th benefitting cancer research. 

Aloha - Paul (497-3911)

4:30AM Start at 1393 Nanialii Dr, Kailua
6:00AM Makapu Pt.
7:00AM Koko Head
8:00AM Aina Haina
9:30AM Pali Hwy
11:00AM Kam Hwy Junct.
12:00PM Finish at 1393 Nanialii Dr, Kailua

Oahu Perimeter Run April 15-17

The Unofficial Oahu Perimeter Run takes place this week-end.  Everyone is invited to come out and run all or a portion of the course.  Teams are welcome, individuals are welcome.   

Solos:  Aloha Tower Start 6:00PM Friday April 15th.

Teams/Fast People    Aloha Tower Start 6:00AM Saturday morning April 16th.  


Here is a map of the basic course:



Donation Page at: 

In recognition of the increasing number of active, reserve, and retired military personnel who run with HURT we are gong to be raising funds for the Wounded Warriors Project as a part of this adventure. I started it out with a donation of a dollar a projected mile.  We urge anyone who would like to support us to visit a web page set up to track and accept dontations to the WWP.  If you wish to contribute we urge you to donate on line.  We may reluctantly accept checks and cash during the run.  Please remember we are not particularly set up to carry or protect donations.  

Some Cautions:

1.  Wear plenty of reflective gear.  Wear more than you feel is necessary.  You are basically invisible to to traffic so anything you can do will help you.  Please use night lights, strobes, and blinkers.

2.  Please do not attempt to do the Kaena Point alone.  Please be aware of womens or mixed teams and coordinate the Kaena Point and Waianae sections.  Night time at Yokahama is a bit lawless.  Night time in Waianae is difficult as water is not that easy to come by and beaches are a bit strange. 

3.  Please use the rail road tracks from Nanakuli to Kapolei and then turn east.  Do not use the highway  as it becomes a freeway with limited pedistrian safety.  Women's teams should be escorted here as well.

4.  This is a self-support event.  There is likely to be people out there to help you but do not plan on it.  Bring a camel, bring money.  Be prepared for long periods of self support.  

5.  We are all alone out there.  Observe the HURT rules of concern and courtesy for other participants.

6.  contact me at mmuench01  at gmail.   or three-seven-two  26threezero.