HURT Ohana at the Javelina

Jeff Fong Inspecting the JJ100 Start/Finish Line


If you did not already know, a couple of our HURT Ohana will be running the Javelina Jundred this weekend in the high deserts of Arizona.

The race will start at 3am HST, Saturday, October 29, 2016, with a 30-hour cutoff. For an official finish, they have to be done by 9am HST on Sunday.

So please follow their progress through Ultracast and cheer them on. Jeff Fong is number 225, and Elisa Schasse is number 448.


Elisa Schasse Missing Hawaii.

Eric Allosada and Scot Kuwaye will also be there to offer their awesome support.

Go Team HURT!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Javelina Jundred Bound

We at HURT Hawaii have a "Sister Race" arrangement with Aravaipa Running Club (Nick & Jamil Coury) where we choose a volunteer from each club and give them complimentary entries into HURT100 and Javelina Jundred including travel expenses. Aravaipa and HURT have very similar philosophies and are both Ohana oriented.

This year we were pleased to host Thomas O’Reilly from Arizona at HURT100 2016. He ran the race, stayed with one of our HURT family in Lanikai, and attended the Monday banquet.

2015-08-29-HURT-Tantalus-Triple-Trek-2885We’ve chosen Jeff Fong, a very treasured HURT volunteer and trail series race director, to attend Javelina Jundred which will take place October 29-30, 2016, in the McDowell Mountain Regional Park of Fountain Hills, Arizona.

Congratulations and good luck to you, Jeff! We can’t wait to hear your running adventure... in the desert... with coyotes... on halloween.

Honolulu Marathon & Miwok 100k Selectees

Photo by Arvel Shults

Good luck to everyone running the 43rd Honolulu Marathon tomorrow (December 13, 2015). Whether you are doing it to accomplish a personal goal, to support a friend, or to dedicate your journey to your loved ones, the HURT Ohana is with you all the way.

Also, a few HURT peeps received their Christmas wish early as they were selected to run the Miwok 100k on May 7, 2016. Congratulations Jacki Doppelmayer, Rod Huddleston, and Scott Kuwaye!

TTT Course Preview/Training Run This Saturday 8/22



Aloha Athletes,

One more week until the big weekend! Thank you to all of you who came out for our course preview training run yesterday!! Was a super fun morning in the mud!


This Saturday the 22nd, JulieT will be leading the second preview/training run to go one full loop of the course again. Please meet at the picnic and restroom area at the Maunalaha trail head (by the Hawaii Nature Center) at 6:30am.

Bring sufficient water as well as any nutrition (gels, energy bars, magic potions) you require, and most of all come to HAVE FUN! If you have not yet been on the Tantalus trails please make it a point to remain with Julie and the group. See last week’s training run post for a map of the course. For the most part the race itself will consist of three loops of the course.

Everyone is welcome to join us for this training run – you don’t have to be registered for the Triple Trek race, and all levels of trail runners are encouraged to come!

Have a great remainder of week and hope to see you on the trails!


Julie, Fish, and Jeff (da 3T RDs)

THU or FRI long run?

Hurt Ohana, I am in town this week and planning to do a long run THU night(preferred) or FRI morn (early!) before my flight back. Peacocks would be great (long road to a Gordon's loop) or I can do tantalus or a waimanalo o/b.... Anyone interested just post here, or Facebook me. If no takers, I will likely do peacocks on Thursday night... Jake Hinz

John Muir Trail Invitation

Seeking hiking company on the legendary John Muir Trail.  If you are interested, please email me.  I have a permit for three (3) total.  Leaving from Florence Lake and heading south to Whitney Portal from 8/2 to 8/7.  Need to arrive in Fresno on 8/1 early and return from Fresno on 8/8 late.   Pure hike and adventure.  email is outdoorsmile at yahoo dot com.  Logistics are ready to go!

The 2012 Oahu Solos Report:

The grind, the hard hot highway, the unending mile, the eternal night, all have their moments on the route that winds its way slowly around Oahu. The fun and excitement slip quickly and silently away until there is little but the push, the effort, the concentration on the pace; which monopolizes and then consumes perception.  Fatigue entrenches itself, mad fantastic ideas fill the thoughts, clothing gets rank, and deep at the core the body marches on, the muscles fire, the legs pump, and the pace continues.  If one wavers, if slowness is perceived, the chant reasserts itself, thoughts are redirected, and eternal meter of the pace is reset, One, two, One ,two, three,four, One, two,  Alu Loa, Alu Loa, Alu, alu, One two.   

To be sure there is good conversation with friends who are kind enough to run alongside for a while, and who offer welcome assistance and care.  The rush of energy of a new and friendly face can do wonders for the weary body. But underlying the camaraderie, there is the constant effort, the internal battle to look into the moment and ignore the fears of coming hardship and memory of the long hard way.       

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These Women will HURT You!

Congratulations to all who participated in the Swamp Romp. I heard good things about a greatly improved course with fun, new obstacles and the usual amount of water and muck. Looking through some of the race photos there were definitely some creative costumes.

A great end of the race photo courtesy of Chuck Little. Chuck is the Deputy Director, Public Affairs for U.S. Marine Corps Forces Pacific. He took some awesome photos that he has posted on Facebook. 


The Oahu Perimeter Solo Run March 2-4th, 2012.

The ‘Oahu Perimeter Solos Run
March 2-4th, 2012.

Oahu Perimeter


This is the unofficial, unsupported, ‘Do-It-Yourself Anyway-You-Want’, Oahu perimeter run.  

Each year a group of intrepid individuals comes together to run around Oahu, and complete the longest ultra run that occurs on Oahu during the year.  This year’s venture will commence Friday, March 2nd, at 6:00pm at the Aloha Tower, and end approximately 135 miles later back at the same spot sometime Sunday afternoon, March 4th.
You need not run this alone, and teams are welcome.  As noted it is an anyway you want kind of run. 

This is an informal, no rules, no fee’s, individual-bear-your-own-risk kind of venture.  Runners are often expected to self support themselves at stores or parks.  We are occasionally fortunate enough to have informal volunteer support teams, but can not count on that.   If you run out of steam, or come up lame,  you need your own support network, or bus fare ($2.50 exact), as there is no guarantee anyone will be around to bail you out.   

Though there are no rules, it is highly recommended that each runner be garbed in reflective gear (Vest, arm bands,belt, bright hat),  bright shirt, and reflectors. Night-time lights, strobes and reflector/blinkers are recommended as well.  Each runner should also allow for the possibility of wet and cool weather or hot and sunny conditions.  Sufficient water carrying capacity and electrolytes are a must.  
The need for Individual safety can not be overemphasized.  Roads often have little or no verge, sidewalk, or room for a walker or a runner.  Drivers are not always willing to give right-of-way to pedestrians.  In addition running along roadways for extended periods of time can become unpleasant and draining. Potential runners should understand these conditions and the problems of ultra distance ventures and be ready to deal with them as they present themselves.

The general route is  Honolulu, Ala Moana, Waikiki, Kahala, to Hawaii Kai.  Hawaii Kai backside to Kalama,  Sandy’s, Makapu’u, Waimanalo, Kailua. Kailua to Aikahi,  Kaneohe.  Kaneohe via He’eia, Kahalu’u, Kualoa, Ka’a’awa, Kahana, Punalu’u, Hau’ula to Laie and the North Shore.   Laie to Kahuku, Kuilima, Pupukea, Waimea, to Haleiwa. Haleiwa to Waialua, Mokuleia, Peacocks if we Dare, Dillingham, Kaena Point Trail, to Yokahama Bay and the Leeward Side. Makua, Makaha,  Waianae, Nanakuli, Kahe, Where-the-Hell-is-the-Road, Ewa Plain, to Waipahu.  Waipahu along the Pearl Harbor Bike Trail to Kamehameha Highway, to Nimitz Highway to the Aloha Tower. Easy and almost as quick as saying the names!   

Teams are welcome, participants doing partial runs are welcome, support runners are always welcome, and of course aid along the way is very welcome.  Runners are free to set their own pace, determine their own aid stops and pretty much go it as they see fit.  In the past a core group of runners has chosen to move in a loose group which increases runner safety.

In the past the goal is for teams and solos to reach Waialua/Dillingham about the same time Saturday evening in order to facilitate the safe passage of groups around the Kaena Point trail and through Yokohama, which from time to time can be a bit lawless and rude. (Teams can generally plan on an Aloha Tower departure sometime Saturday morning, with a Haleiwa arrival Saturday evening.)

If you are interested in venturing out upon this non-event either as a team or as a solo, you can contact me for details. If you would like to offer unofficial aid or support. which is always
welcome, please contact me as well.  (Mikem-     manoahouse at hotmail)   Aloha!