HURT Ohana at the Javelina

Jeff Fong Inspecting the JJ100 Start/Finish Line


If you did not already know, a couple of our HURT Ohana will be running the Javelina Jundred this weekend in the high deserts of Arizona.

The race will start at 3am HST, Saturday, October 29, 2016, with a 30-hour cutoff. For an official finish, they have to be done by 9am HST on Sunday.

So please follow their progress through Ultracast and cheer them on. Jeff Fong is number 225, and Elisa Schasse is number 448.


Elisa Schasse Missing Hawaii.

Eric Allosada and Scot Kuwaye will also be there to offer their awesome support.

Go Team HURT!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Javelina Jundred Bound

We at HURT Hawaii have a "Sister Race" arrangement with Aravaipa Running Club (Nick & Jamil Coury) where we choose a volunteer from each club and give them complimentary entries into HURT100 and Javelina Jundred including travel expenses. Aravaipa and HURT have very similar philosophies and are both Ohana oriented.

This year we were pleased to host Thomas O’Reilly from Arizona at HURT100 2016. He ran the race, stayed with one of our HURT family in Lanikai, and attended the Monday banquet.

2015-08-29-HURT-Tantalus-Triple-Trek-2885We’ve chosen Jeff Fong, a very treasured HURT volunteer and trail series race director, to attend Javelina Jundred which will take place October 29-30, 2016, in the McDowell Mountain Regional Park of Fountain Hills, Arizona.

Congratulations and good luck to you, Jeff! We can’t wait to hear your running adventure... in the desert... with coyotes... on halloween.

WS100 Hawaii Entrants

Now that HURT100 is a Western States 100 qualifier, we've got a lot more entrants from Hawaii to the 2016 WS100! Check them out:

Alex Garcia
Michael Garrison
Rod Huddleston
Timothy Kimbrough
Scot Kuwaye
Jason Lester
Connie Lutkevich
Alex Nunn
Glen Oshiro
Joseph Pope
Sylvia Ravaglia
Sam Reed
Jeff Snyder
Kelly Sutcliffe
Cassie Turner

The 2016 WS100 Lottery will be held December 5, 2015, 6:30 am HST, so mark your calendars to send your favorite runners some good juju(s).

Happy Thanksgiving!


The HURT 100 is now a Western States Qualifier!!!

Aloha Athletes,

We received this exciting news! I bet this makes some of you train a bit harder for January!  2017 WS100 qualifying race resized

"aloha John & PJ -

I’m writing to let you know that we have selected the 2016 HURT 100 as a qualifying race for the 2017 Western States 100. Any runner who completes the race within 36 hours will be qualified to apply for the lottery, which will be held in December 2016.

As race organizer, you don’t need to do anything other than make sure that race results are posted on your website. We’ll take it from there.

I have attached a pdf and jpg of a visual notice that you can post on your website. 

Congratulations on your qualifying status and, from the Western States family, sincere thanks for all the great work you do in organizing the race.

A hui kaua,

John Medinger

for the Western States 100 Board of Trustees"

Aloha, John & PJ

Good Luck to the Miwok 100k H.U.R.T. Runners!


This Saturday, before most of us have yet to wake from our slumber, many of our H.U.R.T. ohana will already be off and running representing Hawaii at Miwok! The Miwok 100K is very hilly (approximately 11,800 feet of cumulative elevation gain) with spectacular views of San Francisco  and the Golden Gate Bridge, Mt. Tamalpais and the Point Reyes National Seashore.

The weather is looking great, they’ve trained hard and I bet they are raring to go. And some may or may not already be there doing some damage at REI. Enjoy the mainland and have a fantastic time!

Best of luck to Kelly, Mike, Augusto, Scot, Jacki, Huddy and the fabulous crew/pacer extraordinaire, Mike Flartey.

Go get ‘em guys!

Congratulations to Two Special Runners at Two Very Different Runs!!

Aloha Athletes,

Over the last few days a couple of the HURT family of runners have had some incredible results and success at two of the toughest ultra races on earth. 

Larry and SunsetFirst, Larry Inouye started the Hardrock 100 this past Friday morning. If you don't know anything about Hardrock, know that it has 67,984 feet of total elevation change (The HURT 100 has approximately 25,000) and a 48 hour cutoff. Much of the race is above 10,000 feet in elevation with the average of 11,186. Runners cross 13 passes between 12,000 and 13,000 feet. Let's just say it is tough, especially for those of us that live at sea level. Photo courtesy of Cheryl Ridlon. Larry has to be one of the toughest runners I know often logging miles and miles on the trails. As anyone who has ever done one of these races knows, having a great support crew is very important. Here's another photo of Larry and his crew at the finish. Larry is definately Hard Rock tough!!

Larry and crew at finish

I hope Larry will write up a race report and we get to see some more photos.

The next runner, Doug Long, ran an equally challenging and extremely difficult ultra in the Badwater 135. Many people may think running on the road has got to be easy compared to a tough mountain run. The image below is the course profile. Badwater is far from a flat run in the desert. Oh, and did I mention heat? Yea, it gets a little hot in the desert, like 93 degrees at 6:00 a.m. up to 118-degrees around 3:00 p.m. Doug got a taste of Badwater last year when he paced and crewed for Hannah Roberts. She returned the favor this year. Based on Doug's results--he crushed it timewise, I think Doug likes the heat!


Badwater Profile

Again, Congratulations to both runners. We loved following you from afar and look forward to hearing more about both of these great adventures. 

Aloha, Bob

Doug on Course

2013 Canyon De Chelly 55K - The only ultramarathon on Navajo land.

Dear HURT community,

I just wanted to share the news, and a few details with you of an ultra foot race happening this October in Arizona.

The event will take place on October 12th, 2013, and will be the first official ultra run to be held in the spectacular Canyon de Chelly, on the Navajo Nation in Northern Arizona.

The 55k ultra running race will be held within the beautiful expansive canyon, which is home to the Navajo people, and sits within the tribe's reservation land. 

The event has been planned and organized by Shaun Martin, a Northern Arizona University Alumni, teacher & coach, and ultra athlete as featured in Outside Magazine here, and the documentary film Racing the Rez.

The event's website is up at:

Signup is now open via Ultrasignup:

Spaces available have been limited to 100, which is why I wanted to share a brief intro to the event with you all.

I do realize it is the week before the Peacock 50k/100k and so might not be an ideal race for many people, but if you feel like a trip to the breath taking, wild and open spaces of Northern Arizona maybe it could be a new race to add to your diary. And Hawaiian fly directly from Honolulu to either Phoenix or Las Vegas! 

Personally, I can't wait to run again in Northern Arizona. I met Shaun at NAU, where we were team mates for two years, and it was Shaun who introduced me to the Navajo tradition of running towards the rising sun at dawn, to greet the new day. 

The course will wind through the trails that traverse the canyon, and apparently the Bat Canyon Trail is pretty 'rough', along with the elevation, but the beauty of the landscape and the ultra running community outweigh any lung busting issues. It all sounds like good HURT 100 training to me! 

For a full course description see the website:

If anyone has any questions please feel free to drop me a line, long run yoga at g mail dot com


Susie Stephen


Last weekend saw the transgrancanaria trail run.  They offer 24k; 42k, 83k and 113k options.  I plumped for the 83k.  Gran Canaria - one of the Canary Islands off the coast of North Africa in the Atlantic - is quite similar to Oahu in size and general morphology (Canaries are a volcanic chain like Hawaii), but a good deal spikier.  We kicked off at 6am from Puerto las Nieves (= snow!) with a brass band in attendance.  Excellent climb of 1200m in the dark and then nice bit of flat, fast running through pine forest.  Lots of up and down followed.  The net ascent is 4,500m (so its like 1.5* run to the sun, but on trails and you get to come down too).  Forecast was for strong winds and rain.  Winds were strong, but rain at altitude was only drizzle, so actually conditions were very pleasant.  It is a North Face production, so was well organised, and the trail marking was excellent.  Marvellous way to see the island, and perfect time of year with spring flowers in abundance.  Seven aid stations of european style (lots of sausage and cheese etc, and no fruit or PBJs) but the half-way point was superb with penne and clam sauce!  After than was mostly down-hill.  Almost 30k pretty much continuous downhill.  Last bit was murder in a dried up ravine with 4km of loose rocks and hot and dusty.  But overall a great experience and hopefully good WS training experience.  Nick 

Mount Kilimanjaro Stage Run

HI Gang,

Go Trail Magazine just did a great article on the Kilimanjaro Stage Run that I participated in back in October.

Follow the link and then click on the photo and that will take you to the Go Trail Magazine article.  There's also a trailer for a film of the run that will be out soon.  I'm hoping that we can put together a group of HURT runners to do the Kili Stage Run in 2014,

Aloha,  Steve


San Diego 100 Course Ops

So I finally made it out to the SD100 course to scope it beautiful that course is going to be. I had to choose between sight seeing over the vistas or tripping down the first of course!

Goods and bads to every course. Its not quite the sustained climbing of HURT, but it does have a section that bears striking resemblance to my nemesis, Jr's "Long Road." Its paved, UP, and hot...and if I am timing my run correctly, I am projected to hit it in the early afternoon.

I will say, it became obvious to me today why HURT trains for mainland races at Peacocks. Fireroads, single-track, and the terrain/environment are about the same...

I did meet a newbie today, Ryan, shooting for his first 100M buckle...actually I found all of that out from his female "pacer" as she was ditched as he sped down the trail and she was leaning on a tree. At least she felt like chatting!

More as I progress in my training...I am trying to channel my HURT brothers and sisters out there...(unfortunately, not too many on these trails like to stop a chat like HURT folks...maybe as they recognize me more.)

Jake H.