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Run To The Sun (unofficially and self supported) Saturday March 18th, 2011 0430 hrs from the Maui Mall in Kahului to the summit of Haleakala 10032 feet, 36.2 miles on the island of Maui. Come do the course as an individual or as part of a relay team.
Unfortunately we haven't been successful in finding a Race Director to continue this race so we are continuing running it unofficially.
There are no rules, no fees, nothing official! Anything goes!
So come and join us. Again this is unofficial and self-supported. There will be an after party at a residence on the way down.
Please call Bram if interested or needing more details! 808 280 4893


Register Now for July 2012 Neighbor Island 50Mile Ultrarun!

The annual TriLanai 3Hills 50Mile Bike Ride has added an ultrarun option - this is your chance to participate in the inaugural running of a new Hawaii ultrarun course, and will be the first official ultrarunning event to be offered on the beautiful island of Lana'i. This road run is being added to an established bike event, so you can count on solid organization, reputable sponsors, and great fun! Check out TriLanai's website for course map:

Register now (on for an exciting addition to your 2012 race schedule, and support our neighbor island of Lana'i, using this link:

JanM & I got to preview all 3 legs of the course last week and it was GORGEOUS! and tough. Amazing way to see much of the island and run a challenging course at the same time. There are several different accomodation options on the island (see TriLanai's website for island information) & I will be coordinating group accomodations if people are interested. I highly recommend to plan adding a running of the Munro Trail to your trip!

Manele Bay
(Manele Bay/Hulopoe Beach - event start/finish)

Hope to see you there!!



MUTT Productions Presents: tHe mAuI cOAstaL rELAy

Now that PEACOCK is over with, time to start serious HURT training and here is a neighbor island adventure because you will get sick of running the Makiki/Tantalus trail system. 

MAUI. ULTRA .TRAIL. TEAM .that is  Comprising oF JEFF Sanders . and PAUL HOPI.   Its going to be a low key trainning /sightseeing  tour  

WHEN !   Event  is friday the 18th nov THROUGH  sun 20th nov.    

WHAT ! - a 160mile  team adventure /event  to circumnavigate the entire island of MAUI, including the Kings trail, a fifteen mile section of remote rugged coastline starting at Lapereuse.              

HOW!     Starting at Kanaha bch park and heading to beach road we will then run the back side to kapalua and on to Kam 1 where day one finishes rotating a runner every hour. This was run last year and was a lot of fun ,think adventure not race! .Day two  starts at Kam 1 where we left off aaaaaaaaaahhhh! No this was easy folks we were excited to see the kings Trail and day two was a blast. More of a fast paced hike/jog than running as terrain permitted. GOATS were spotted  in abundance .We finish up at seven pools and camp the night.

MORE FUN!!     Day three and the homeward leg takes us HANA RELAYS in reverse and a little extra  , seeing as though we start at 7 pools.   Last year was five hrs of running each on a two person team broke up of course hour by hour. So if you do the math on say  a four person team   you will be running  just over two 10ks a day or equal to one half marathon,totaly fun and totaly doable without any ultra DNA  in your legs . .SO  Lets get out there and run !.  More details will be provided to intrested partys such as start times ,safety issues ,more detailed logistics ect. by contacting   Paul Hopi  via email   pablohopwood


Training Schedule Weekend of October 15, 2011

This is one of the final weeks before the Peacocks race.  Some will be Tapouring (Tapering) others will be out doing the route in a more intense fashion.   The standard departure times are posted.  If you have any questions please post them,  if you have any other runs scheduled please post the venues and times.   Post your runs, perhaps you can find a partner.  We all know what it is to go out alone, and there is nothing wrong with it, but it is safer if you are with somebody.

Saturday:  From the Bottom of Long Road @5:00 AM   Dillingham Airport Parking @ approx. 7:00 AM

Other starts and venues as posted in comments. All are welcome. Bring sufficient water for your run. Give thought to what you take with you as this is an advanced level trail. Ultra runners of all levels/ability/speed will be out on the trails.

A race prep. comment, followed by a mild rant.    

Knowing the Race Route:

If you are going to run the Peacock, even just one loop, you should be giving some thoughts to the times you want to log for each section. It pays to sit down, reflect on what you have been doing during training, and write this out. Putting it down on paper will cause you to give some greater thought to the race, and it may just cause you to face some hard facts before you actually have to live through over exuberant expectations of yourself. Another step in preparing for a race is to go out and do a loop at a slower pace than you expect to do but one that lets you test your assumed times. This is a great week to get this done.

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Maui 12-Hour

Hi everyone, I was asked to forward this.
Saturday May 21st is the 3rd or 4th annual 12 hours of Makawao forest. I forgot which # it is. Basically we'll be doing loops on the East/West trail approx 6 miles either mountain biking, running or hiking.
There will be a handfull that will be doing the full 12 hours the majority will just do a loop or 2 or 3 or more. Alternate between biking, running and hiking. Bring your pets and kids. We'll be starting at 0700 hrs at the gravel parking lot at kahakapau road near the trail head. You can use your vehicle in the lot as your aidstation need to bring your nutritional requirements. Bring what ever you need the weather can change up there and can be wet and chilly. Again this is UNOFFICIAL,NO RULES NO FEES JUST GOOD FUN WORK OUT!
So show up whenever and join us on the trail. After the event, 1900 hrs we will be going to the stopwatch in Makawao for food, beverages,warstories and camaraderie.
Makawao forest is located about 1.5 miles on Piiholo road across from east maui watershed partnership. follow the windy road to Kahakapu road take a right all the way to the gravel parking lot(end of the road)
See you in the forest
Happy trails

Bram DenHaan 
Home 808-573-7584 
Cell 808-280-4893

unofficial RTTS

2011 Start of Run to Sun 

A small but determined group showed up at the Maui Mall ready to tackle the 36.2 miles to the 10,023 feet summit of Haleakala. We had about 7 solo guys and about 3 teams ready to take the challenge.

It turned out later that several others had started at different times and many had ran segments of the course. We kept running into people on the mountain at various stages. Karl Wirtl had started at midnight, several at 330 am and Paul Hopwood and Jeff Sanders decided to sleep in and wait for day light to start. They ran as a team and still beat everyone.
The first solo guy was an ultra from Alberta, Can. named Dave who finished in 6 hrs 2min. He said he had never ran a marathon just does trails in the rockies but runs once a week on the road just to get used to the pavement between 30-40 miles in -10 degrees C.
Nick Kaiser and Mike Muench did the Maui triple. Friday Poli poli state park to the summit about 14 miles, Saturday Kaupo Gap to the summit about 26 miles( 40+mph winds, verocious showers and near hypo thermic conditions, Sunday the finale RTTS 36.2 miles.
There was a 9 member womens team who probably had more fun than all combined. Jay, handlebar moustache, from Long Island NY was back for another assault. Several virgins from Kihei who made it solo.
All in all the weather threatening at first turned out to be mighty fine.
On the way down everyone stopped at Jim and Marne's house for post event party. Chili, stirfrys, desserts, snacks, beverages etc. Just tons of foods, good laughs and cameraderie. Definately the highlight of the day. And best of all no pesky, annoying, fun stopping park rangers.
Rumour has it we have a potential race director for next year so fingers crossed and if not we'll do it renegade/underground again.
Thanks to everyone for coming out, helping and making this a fun day


The Maui Charm


There are some people running the road to the top of the Haleakala mid-March in memory of a race that used to be held before the Feds got all pucker lipped sour and decided they couldn’t stand organized fun.  Some other people have been thinking it would be a good idea to do something else on Maui about that time too.  Since some other people ran around Maui last year that was kind of ruled out as the  neat thing for this year.  Somebody mentioned fast packing up the backside of the Haleakala, starting from the bottom of the Kaupau gap.  That sounded kind of cool.  Some other people realized that there is yet  another way up that hill too.   

All in all it seemed  an interesting venture to attempt.  Hence was born the Maui Charm. Three summits of the Haleakala, on three consecutive days, along three separate routes. A true test of the old saying ‘Three's a Charm.’ 

As always this kind of insanity is unsponsored, unsupported, and unwise.  It is not for the average HURT kind of runner.   BUT it may attract a few people.  A half dozen dedicated souls seeking to find some sort of fulfillment in endless hours of physical stress, mindless pain, and psychotic levels of depravation would be optimal.   

If you are interested in some real ‘March Madness’ and not just couch potato gut stuffing stupidity you are invited to contact me to discuss this jaunt further.  Also we have a couple of places still open for the February Round Kauai trek.  Mm


Ultraman Race Report: Wendy Minor

The Ultraman World Championships was indeed the cap on my incredible racing career. It is difficult for me to put into words the experience I went thru, circumnavigating the Big Island by swim, bike and run....320 miles in 3 days with a 12 hour cut-off for each day.This was not a "race" was all about Ohana (family), Aloha (love) and Kokua (help). And I had a crew, the Brew Crew, that was second to none: Cheryl and Gil Loomis and Steve and Jakob Dewald. .It all began on Day One with my swim: it was fast....3:24...I was hauling over the 6.2 miles...Steve and Jakob escorted in a kayak. I ate and drank every 30 mins: Gu on the hour, orange juice, coke and water. Orange juice has tons of potassium to offset the huge sodium intake from the ocean and it really helped to stave off the thirst at the end of the swim.  I had a current going with me...awesome. I knew the local waters, so I could dial in my crew. Getting out of the ocean in that time gave me plenty of time to get to the volcano....90 miles, and the last 50 of that with a brutal headwind and a 26 mile climb from sea level to 4000 feet at the end. I got in before dark...11:13 total. Day One in the bank! 

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Congratulations to Ultraman Finisher Wendy Minor

156650_173879679306217_100000525570197_509886_2808529_n This past weekend while many of us were enjoying Thanksgiving and all the leftovers, Black Friday and other Christmas shopping adventures or maybe even doing something crazy like Hogsback repeats all night long, Wendy Minor was out doing Ultraman. 

She had a terrific Ultraman support crew of Gil and Cheryl Loomis and Steve and Jakob Dewald. They were the Brew Crew!

You can learn more about Ultraman here

She has a whole album of photos here

Wendy has done numerous Ironman's, Xterra's, and now Ultraman. Congratulations Wendy!