Preview Run for Maunawili Out and Back - Saturday, July 14 at 6:00
Maunawili Out and Back - August 4 - Race Instructions

Preview Run for Maunawili Out and Back - Saturday, July 28

Aloha runners:

The final preview of the Maunawili Out and Back run will be at 6:00 a.m. this Saturday, July 28.  If you are a novice piggie, and have not done the course before, it is advised that you join in for at least one preview.  If you are an experienced piglet, come join in the fun!

Park in the upper parking lot of the Koolau Golf Course.  Bring plenty of fluids and snacks.  There will be fluids available at the turn-around in Waimanalo for refilling your pack and bottles.  If you are planning to go one way, please make your transportation plans from the Waimanalo trailhead.

Please be prompt - we do our best to have an on-time departure.  Racingpigs

Looking forward to sharing some miles!
Marian and Neal (RDs)


Becky @ EP

This would be an amazing run to partake in! I want to visit Hawaii so bad!!!

Marian - RD

The race's time limit is dictated by our agreement with the Koolau Golf Course. All runners need to be back to the finish by 1:30, which allows 7.5 hours to complete 22 miles. That would require an average pace of 20 minutes per mile (roughly). I hope that helps!


Does this race have a time limit?

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