Saturday Training, February 16, 2013 Peacock Flats
Saturday Training: March 2, 2013 Peacock Flats

Saturday, February 23, 2013 Moanalua 6-Mile (Updated)

Aloha Athletes:

Saturday is the first race of the 2013 H.U.R.T. Trail Series, Moanalua 6-Mile.  Moanalua trail is one of the "easier" trails around, but will serve as a good warm up for the trail series. Distance will be approximately 6.2 miles to make it a 10k., it will be an out-and-back course.

Directions, you will find Moanalua Valley Trail at the end of Ala Aolani Street, take the Moanalua Valley Tripler Hospital Exit on the 78.

Please park along the street leading up to the park, and be courteous and quiet as it is early morning in a residential area.

Sign-up will be at the park, and the start will be inside the gate.

Sign-up will start at 6:30AM and end at 7:20AM. Start fee is $10. The race starts at 7:30 a.m. There is no pre-registration prior to Saturday morning.

For more info please contact: (Christain Friis 489-5722 h[email protected])

Oh, and there is some kind of crazy, fun, all-night, sweetheart thing happening.  For all of you wild participants, don't forget to be ready-to-go at 6:00 pm with your lights glowing, your shoes laced, and your stomachs growling!

Blog-heart-firework-2Have a wonderful weekend and happy running!



Slowly sorting photos from this past weekend.. here are a few on this facebook page. Please "like" the page if you like any of the photos.

Jonathan Nakasone

Nice to see you again Kristin. If I dont see you at the marina before then, see you on April 6th on the Top of Tantalus. Your run time with me on Thursday was solid.

Chaz Haynes

Great running with you again Kristin Aquino. Glad your back on the island. Waimea Canyon was a gorgeous run last year. I dont know of anything like it here in Oahu. See you soon.

Kristin Aquino

Great run this morning! Last year I ran in Waimea Canyon in Kaui is there anything similar to that around Oahu here?

Kristin Aquino

Great run this morning! Last year I ran in Waimea Canyon in Kaui is there anything similar to that around Oahu here?


My stomach is growling already Marian! :-)

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