The 2012 Oahu Solos Report:
Run With The Pigs - August 11, 2012

2012 Kaena Point Firecracker Results

Aloha Athletes,

Sorry for rmissing today's Kaena Point run so I can't say much about it. I haven't even had time to look very much at photos on Facebook. 

However from what I have seen and read, it was an awesome race with a fun new finish. Special thanks to Race Directors Julie T. & Scott G. I am sure there were lots of other volunteers as well--Mahalo!

2012 Kaena Point Firecracker Results

The next race in the HURT Trail Series is the Maunawili Out & Back on August 11th! More info as the race gets closer.

Aloha, Bob 


I'm sorry Karin...
with over 2,000 pictures. (photos taken by me and Heather).. it takes time.. i'm not a professional, photography is not my profession.. i do have an everyday job (and it has nothing to do with photography. i'm a laborer/blue collar).. photos taken during the honolulu marathon usually takes 2 or more weeks before being posted and they do use a crew of people to do such sorting.

i'll do my best to post them as soon as i can.. thank you for your patience Karin.


Is there a site where we can view all the photos instead of youtube? Thanks!

never had a chance to do anything with the photos heather and I took..
so i just crammed them into a video..

hope you all enjoy.


Here's the second (last) set of pictures from me. Enjoy!


Were there any results for the Dinomite double challenge?


I'm sure there'll be lots of pictures for this race. Here's my first set:

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