Saturday Training 6-23-12: Peacock Flats 6:00 a.m. start
Around Oahu for George

Mahalo to HURT volunteers!!!

Next time you are on the Maunawili trail and it looks like this:


Think of the hard-working crew that transformed the trail from this:


Thank you SO much for the hours, the sweat, and the brawn that was generously donated by the following people:

The work gangSteve DeWald
Larry Inouye
Jeff Fong
Freddy Halmes
Cheryl Loomis
Mike Muench
Scot Kuwaye
Gordon Lau
Rosie Warfield
Jeremy Dow
Clem Aleka Gorai
Susie Stephen
Heather McCafferty
Jacque Tellei
Augusto DeCastro
Neal Yasuda
Johnny Landezza
Doug Baker
Keith Campbell
Barbie McAllaster
Marian Yasuda


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ken michal

Holy smokes! Those before and after pics are something else!! Great work, gang!

All Day!

Reade Whitney

made the run that much more awesome!


Bravo to all of you hard working folks!


Great job by all that came out that day!!! No matter how long it was for, every little bit helped!!


I cannot wait till the next time!

Paul S.

I was unconcious during this effort but ran on Sun and WOW! Thank you


I am so grateful, this is my Sunday morning run,,,and it has been difficult. This will now be back to the way it was, a tough, challenging course and safe. Mahalo to everyone.

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