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The Maui Charm (part II)

2011 HURT Trail Series Announcement: Important

Aloha Athletes,

In order to facilitate race morning check-in and our race timing, we are asking you to review this list of names to check if your name is spelled correctly. Please note back in the Comments section below this post if your name is incorrect and give us the correct spelling. Alternatively you can send an e-mail to John since he is who is organizing the list of names within the race timing software. 

Also, if you plan on participating in the races this year and your name is not listed at all, please let us know and we will add you in.

The list shows a race number in front of your name. This will be your race number for all HURT Trail Series races. Please let others know to review this list. Mahalo!

Aloha, Bob


Robert Alsup

My name is Robert Alsup and this will be my first race. I plan on running the whole series.

Luis Saca

Hello my name is Luis Saca and I participated on the last trail race. I also plan on doing the whole series this year.


Looks like John was trying to get some extra Z's in from doing all this hard work! Thanks John & Bob for all of the work to expedite the faster and easier 'registration' process!


All.........the list for 2011 is complete, we can change spelling, etc. but can not add names. This does not eliminate you from running a series race.......we will assign a number on race day.
The data list was developed from last year's results and designed so we don't have to type in 150 names at each run.
If you are #50 on the list, you will be #50 at every series race you run.
Questions, please call me at 235-0577.


don't worry makai..
you know this might be just the first draft.. maybe your on the waiting list.


My name is Jeremiah Payer and I would like to be added to the list please. :)

Randy flores

Hello Guys.... Randy here. #58 is fine unless you'd like to "give me" #59. If memory serves me, I was mistakenly noted as "Danny Flores". So... choice is yours... just make me faster!! haha


makai estioko

I am not on the list Makai Estioko


Hey gang ARVEL is correct but Benita is SHULTS. That would be 193 and 194. Also, Mario #1 has moved out of the area. :(. See ya soon.

Arvel Shults

#192 Arvel Shults is good :)
#193 Benita Shults (no z on the end please)



Aloha Bob and John!
My name has only one z: Landeza #122. Aloha

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