Final Plea For Missing Table

One final plea for the missing white Costco table. Please, all RDs of the trail series, wrack your brains about who might have taken supplies away from you or from your trail race. Apparently someone has our table tucked away in some obscure place and has forgotten about it. Now we need all of the supplies to clean, inventory, and disperse to the three aid station captains for the HURT 100. Please make one final effort to help us find the table. Please contact me at [email protected] if you find the table.




Hotly Contested Hogback ends in Heated Heartbreak

In a dramatic test of personal resolve and fortitude the competitors of this years Hogsback 12 hour night run managed battle it out through the last hours of the night.   Yet, in the beginning, it came down to one man, Rex V, who made it on to the course before the other contestants  to snatch victory from the hands of the other runners before they could even work up a sweat.  

As the opening gong was rung and the runners crossed the bridge,  it was Rex, and Rex alone, who stood there at the finish line.  When asked of what led to his victory Rex commented.  " I'm done, I got here early, these other schnooks can follow the rules, but I got connections.  Give my prize Marv. I got to go!"  

What a man!  Our hero, Rex, manages to utilize his competitive spirit to get to the race early and with the help of the guy who makes the rules, i.e. Marv Mango,  get the first prize regardless.  It's the new American way and its coming to a race right near you....if it hasn't already done so. 



Rex V. accepting his First Place Award.


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Peacocks: From the Back-of-the-Pack



Mike M at the Back of the Pack
Don called me a few days before Peacocks, excited by the upcoming race, more excited than I  that’s for sure.  I was dreading it.  Pecocks had come up on me far too fast, allowing very little training. I’d done Are’s twice, the Lower Loop twice and still didn’t have names for any of the subsections. I just didn’t know the course very well, didn’t think I could finish it, and was mentally only going out to do one loop because Gordon said it was OK if I did only one and then worked the aid station at Long Road.

The only hope was that Rex and I had done the first sections of the first loop and pronounced it ‘doable’. Doable in that kind of iffy-maybe kind of way that we back-of-the-packers look at these endeavours.  Doable in the sense that if every thing goes just right then maybe, just maybe, we can finish the damn thing before they ring the bell that signals the clearing of the aid station tables, the removal of the chairs and water jugs from the finish line, and an empty field at the finish.  Doable, just doable, and no more.  But that was the outside chance, and I was not cashing any gold shares to bet on my finish.  

My knees have been hurting me on and off for a year now, and I had aggravated them again with some Peacock training and some bad shoe choices. A similar problem had haunted me last year so this year saw an early return to some stockpiled ‘old faithful’ shoes, and I manged to bring back my knees a bit.  But I still could not go down Long Road without a lot of pain and soreness. The fact was I could walk backwards down the damn thing faster than forwards.  The issue of knee pain is bothersome to say the least.  My time-bomb clock it ticking and I know it.  Peacocks is a miserable test of stupidity if you have leg issues.  So, ‘Doable’  is just sad theater, a kind of tragicomedy of an ultra-running sort for old guys with short running lives ahead of them.  And I was doing Peacocks?  It was theater of the absurd, and I knew it!  

So, There you go. Is it any wonder I was not excited when Don called?  I just did what I had to do to prepare, realized I didn’t really want to be doing the run, and tried all the harder to make sure that I did just what needed to be done. There would be no heroics out there, just one long managed push. I loaded all my tricks into a bag, and at 4:00 AM Saturday morning Ed came by my house, we picked up Fishy, and away we went to Dillingham.   

I’m not going to go through all the things I do to prepare for these insanities, but let me assure you I did them.  I reluctantly found my way to the start, hung back, and waited for Gordon to start the race. This year was much more formal.  I believe it was last year that Gordon said something about Peacock’s, jumped off the bed of his pick-up truck and was gone running up the road.  It was at least ten seconds later that people realized the race had started.  This year Gordon led us over to the chain gate, said something about Peacocks, and was gone up the road.  The increased formality helped the slow witted, who generally hang at the front of the pack, and Gordon had a much smaller starting advantage.  


Follow this link to read the competion


2011 Peacock 100k Photos by Robert P Smith

Finished!  All photos I felt were worth processing and posting have been.  It was actually quicker and much more enjoyable to pace Loop 2 than it was to do all this post event processing but that’s all part of capturing and preserving the memories in the best possible way.  The views and scenery at Peacock are so much more spectacular than the dense, dark forests of the HURT100 course that it’s going to be even harder to capture such great images and spend the hours processing them but that’s another day.

Rather than upload my photos to a site where they are plastered with an obnoxious watermark covering the whole image, where downloading is disabled and charging for copies I prefer to make them available for you to share on Facebook and via Flickr and the HURT blog (eventually).  I am more than happy to accept donations though if any of you would like soft copies of your image(s).  I’ve already made a considerable investment in equipment and with as good as you may think these are they could get even better if I were able to upgrade to even better equipment.  I’m not trying to make a bunch of money here just recoup some that I’ve invested and save up to make things even better.  Just to give you an idea the setup that I’d prefer to be carrying for events like this could easily run $4,000 and beyond.  Do I expect to make that off of HURT photos alone, no, definitely not, unless one or more of you is exceptionally wealthy and has the desire to make an exceptional donation or two.  On the other hand, every little bit helps and will go into an account set aside strictly for that purpose.  Each of you are in a different place financially and some of you are potentially strapped just as tight as I am right now being between jobs so that’s why I choose to share the photos as I do so that no one is left out due to financial constraints.  Ok, more than enough on that topic. 

My sincere desire is that you all enjoy the photos at least as much as I enjoy taking them for you, which is quite a bit.  : )  Thank you for that opportunity and I truly appreciate every “Thank You” and compliment I get for doing so.

Robert P Smith

[email protected]

PO Box 700670

Kapolei, HI 96709

2011 Peacock Results (CORRECTED UPDATE)

Gordon Lau photo by Robert SmithAloha Athletes,

Sorry for the delay in getting these results posted. What an incredible event. Many people deserve to be thanked for all the hard work put into this race. I'd like to start with Gordon Lau who had the early vision that a race could even be conducted up at Peacock. Certainly Larry Inouye and Don Fallis played a big role in the early beginnings of this race and have continued to stay involved. It was great to see Don at the bottom of Long Road. This year Rob Lahoe stepped up as co-race director and added even more to the organization and development of the race. There are so many others who contributed too. Having an additional aide station run by Freddy and Heather was a real treat and they made it look and stocked it like a mini HURT 100 aide station. 

Over at the base of Long Road, I know Don, Vernon, Leon, Clem and Johnny were all there at certain times and I am sure there were others too.

Back at the Start/Finish, Cheryl, Johnny again, Leona and also probably others I missed were all huge support and help. 

We also want to thank Ray from Runners HI for hosting the pre-race meeting and all of the other contributions he made to this race. I believe Rex helped with water from Menehune Water as well. 

We certainly want to thank all the runners who participated. It is clear that everyone took this race and the difficulty of it seriously and did the homework of training hard before the race. Congratulations to all who finished. 

I am probably forgetting someone, my apologies.

The results are here: 2011 Peacock Results  CORRECTED UPDATE

There are probably some mistakes as I am told the pages were wet and hard to read. You know your time--that is all that matters. 

Watch for more photos to be posted here. Robert Smith has been posting some incredible photos on Facebook and will probably place some here as well. There will be other photos posted from the finish line in the next day or two.

This race concludes the 2011 HURT Trail Series. Watch this site for information on the 2012 HURT Trail Series once the HURT 100 in January is finished. 

As Mike says, this race is done and it is time to focus on the next big event: the HURT 100. 

Aloha, Bob

The Race is Done! Long Live the Race!; HURT TRAINING Starts Anew. Plus! Manoa Falls/ Aihualama 'No Cuts Brah!' Sign Installation.

Training Time:  6:00am Saturday  UPDATED: Now on Saturday!

Place:  Top of Manoa Road--Street Parking

What:   Manoa/Jack ass Repeat(s) 12 miles a pop.   + Trail Work (Sign installation) on Aihualama 


So, there it is, after a few days of thrills and hugging and back patting everyone is back to doing what ever they do to keep themselves together.  There will be one further spurt when the stats come out and we can all hug and back-pat and empathize for a few more hours, but then Peacocks is in the bag.  History, and nobody gives a damn what you did last week, dude.  We are all over it, get a life,  or better yet an iphone.  

A fork has been stuck in the bird! Its time to start dealing with the HOG!  Not those cutsy piggys of the Maunawili, but a real HOG.  This is the oficial beginning of HURT training, HURT trails, HURT loops, HURT stashes, HOG Back Climbs,  and hurt body parts.  

This Saturday we will do at least one Manoa to Jack-ass repeat; most of the bad parts of the HURT in just 12 easy miles. Some of us will do the Trail Work originally scheduled for Thursday too.  

So come on out, run a bit of the HURT trail, find meaning in the mud, the roots, and the rocks and let's give back a bit to keep the trails in better shape.  


Well,  not really 'No Cuts Brah!'  but the same thing in formalized state speech.

Stay on trail


What:  Sign installation at major trail cutting points

When:  6:00 AM Saturday, November 5, 2011 (Could go on Saturday and incorporate Training run)

Where:  Meet at the top of Manoa Road

Details:  I have 4 fence posts to pound in, and the signs to go onto the posts.  We plan to put them in at the bottom of the major cut at Manoa Trail/ Aihualama (Near Chief Ehu Rock)  and then go up farther to put in two more at the first major cut on the Switch Backs.   A future installation will be on the upper section of Aihualama to catch the people on the way down. 

Why:  I  have been running/training the falls trail and Aihualama for some time and have long noticed the increasing number of morons cutting trails and causing severe erosion.  This is more than just a matter of making the trail runnable, it boils down to places where major slides can and will close the trail at least temporarily.  I volunteered to help Na Hele with this. 

Who:   I need two others to help.  It should take 3 hours.  Will be dark when we leave, so bring lights and water. It's always fun to see the night time 'Gee it gets dark fast' crowd stumbling out of Manoa.  We will be carrying in the sign posts and the post pounder.  One person to hold the post, one to pound, and one to attach the signs.  We could probably use a few more to stand around and tell us what we are doing wrong. 

If you can help please contact me, or leave a message in comments section.  

Thanks,  Mikem


Trail Marking, Taper Run, and Pot Luck; October 22, 2011


Meet at the Dillingham Airfield  Parking Lot at 7:00 AM on Saturday 10/22 for a brief light run and some trail marking, followed by a Pot Luck.

Gordon has asked me to post a request for volunteers to mark the Peacock trail this Saturday Morning. We will be dividing up into groups and heading out of the Airport parking lot at 7:00 as usual. We will then meet up back at the airport at about 11:00 for a Pot Luck. All are invited to come and do a bit of trail marking, a light taper run, or more if you wish, and then we will do a Pau Hana to our Peacock training. You don't even need to go up the Kealia to show up for the Pau Hana.

Gordon needs some volunteers to do A. Upper Kealia and Are's Loop B. Gordon's and Lower loop. C. Cross Over to Rock Piles. D: The Kuaokala Makua Ridge from Balls to Stash.

Important Race Day Note: If you plan to enter the airport prior to 7:00AM you will be required to present current vehicle paper work. (Insurance, registration, inspection). Please check you paperwork prior to race day so you will not be barred from coming in due to this preannounced idiocy.




An Ode to Peacocks 

The mountains have been climbed and re-climbed, the long stretches of twisting trails and fire roads have been memorized, the infinite ups and downs have been suffered and the culmination of another running cycle draws near.

Peacocks, which was so recently an audacious experiment, then born an ambitious 54+ miler, morphs into a full-blown madly-rugged 100+ K, and is now upon us! We've crammed in all the training possible and stand waiting, wondering what to do other than be out running hard along the northern ridges of the Waianae. One last chug up the hill perhaps? One last visit to the panoramic vistas we will have little time to appreciate on race day? Maybe, or are we just yielding to the unbreakable habit of over training?


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Training Schedule Weekend of October 15, 2011

This is one of the final weeks before the Peacocks race.  Some will be Tapouring (Tapering) others will be out doing the route in a more intense fashion.   The standard departure times are posted.  If you have any questions please post them,  if you have any other runs scheduled please post the venues and times.   Post your runs, perhaps you can find a partner.  We all know what it is to go out alone, and there is nothing wrong with it, but it is safer if you are with somebody.

Saturday:  From the Bottom of Long Road @5:00 AM   Dillingham Airport Parking @ approx. 7:00 AM

Other starts and venues as posted in comments. All are welcome. Bring sufficient water for your run. Give thought to what you take with you as this is an advanced level trail. Ultra runners of all levels/ability/speed will be out on the trails.

A race prep. comment, followed by a mild rant.    

Knowing the Race Route:

If you are going to run the Peacock, even just one loop, you should be giving some thoughts to the times you want to log for each section. It pays to sit down, reflect on what you have been doing during training, and write this out. Putting it down on paper will cause you to give some greater thought to the race, and it may just cause you to face some hard facts before you actually have to live through over exuberant expectations of yourself. Another step in preparing for a race is to go out and do a loop at a slower pace than you expect to do but one that lets you test your assumed times. This is a great week to get this done.

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It is Time for Distance, Pain, and Suffering!


No more of these sissy short sprints, no more tinni-wheeny ten mile loops being called 'training', no more 'one bottle' wandering,  It is time to prove you actually deserve that HURT shirt, or are deserving of one sometime. Real training is upon us, and you are provided with a number of alternatives to test your pain levels and stamina.

Gordon will lead off from Dillingham airport about 6:30, gate opens at 6:00 I believe.  Top stash is not a regular training stash as we have had limited access.  Carry your own water,  take an extra gallon up the trail if you are doing the over and back and need to refill. Stash water at the bottom of Long Road too! Be prepared for a real Hottie.  



Peacock 100K  is the next run.  It will be here much too soon to fully train for it.  Get out there and run Peacock now, so you will suffer less on the day Gordon makes you wish you never heard of the place. 


If you are wanting to do more then you can get to Peacocks by ***5:00 AM***  and meet Cheryl and Rex  at the bottom of Long Road for that extra kicker, and some Awesome views of North Shore as you top out of Long Road in the early morning light.   

Long road


Come celebrate Saturday Night Fever with a Night HURT Loop. Start Time 5:30 PM from Pairadice.  Park at Top of Manoa Road, before it narrows we will meet at the cars and walk up to trailhead.   This is 20 miles in the fading evening light and enchanting moon glow of the trails of the HURT.  Check out Wili Woo's facebook post for details, and we will also post details of this one as comments below.   This is not a fun run but you can bail at two points if it becomes too much.  We are going to attempt to do the loop in about 6:30 to 7:00 hours, or better if you wish.  Stashes will be stocked with water.  The rest is up to you. 

Check Ourt for more detail. 


Night run


The HURT Weather Forecast:

From now, till the end of the year, we are going to be bustin and husselin.  It's true HURT season.  Gordon and Rob have thrown down a challenge at Peacocks that needs to be met if you intend to do the HURT. And if you are thinking even remotely of doing HURT in 2013 you best get your ass to Peacocks and start training as that 100K finish will count large in the draw.   This is a sport where dreams come true only after you push through a year of nightmares.   So begin the fun, seek your dreams, get out there and commune with the night spirits of the trails, or challenge the Kuolaka'a devils to a  run up the slopes of 'hell' to the entrance to Milu.     

Run hard, run long,  and learn to be very uncomfortable while doing it.  Always remember that sometime on that night third and fourth you are going to be crying like a baby to yourself and fetting over some minor bodily upset. A hurt toe, a poor tummy, a bit of chaffing, a little blister, or some silly combination will decide your finish.  Learn to Gut it Out.  Get miserable now and learn to kick your own ass up that hill when you bonk and cry and throw a tantrum.  This is it gang.  This is Training Season.

 Aloha Marv.   

Mango marv



Tantalus Triple Trek Results---UPDATED RESULTS

Aloha Athletes,

Thank you to RD Fish and Ernest for putting on a great race yesterday. They had prepared the course with just the right amount of mud and water to create ideal conditions for slipping and sliding all over the course. Great Fun!! Special thanks to everyone who contributed in making this race a success--trail marking, aid stations, trail sweeps and all. 

Here are the results: 2011 Triple Trek Results  UPDATED

Congratulations to Rosie and Doug on their victories!

A few of us (me included) found some low hanging branches out there. Though my encounter did not draw any blood.

Nick & Harald

 Aloha, Bob





DISTANCE: 30 Miles (3 Trek 10 Mile Loops)


RACE FEE: $10.00


Please park below the entrance to the Hawaii Nature Center, as parking is extremely limited.

When you walk up to the start early in the morning, please observe the “QUIET ZONE” along the Nature Center driveway. We want to be considerate to the residents along the drive.

  • Check-in race morning is mandatory. We need to know who is on the trail during the race. Likewise, runners are required to notify aid station personnel if they drop out of the race, before they leave the course.

  • Since the Triple Trek starts at 5:30 am, participants may wish to carry a small flashlight till after daylight.

  • Slower runners please be courteous and step aside for faster runners.

  • Please Yield to Hikers

  • Absolutely NO LITTERING! You will be disqualified. Our Tantalus rainforests are fragile, & too special and beautiful to trash. Please observe this rule.

  • The course will be marked- listen for instructions at your start.

  • It is advisable that you carry one or two water bottles on the course.

  • There will be an aid station with water on Tantalus Drive (about 7 miles from the start), and at the Start/Finish line.

  • The two road crossings at the Roundtop Drive and Tantalus Road require your extreme caution while crossing the road- runners will be responsible for their own safety.

  • Number one priority is to HAVE FUN, smell the ginger flowers, and enjoy the scenery.
  • The deadline for leaving the Start-Finish line is 11:30 AM.
  • The upper aid station will close at 1:30 PM.



 Revised 8/29/2011

Saturday Tantalus Triple Trek Training Session

Trek Training along the Cliff Trail.


Who:  All runners are welcome to join in on the training sessions.  Trail conditons are roots,rocks, mud, steep ups and down, lots of mud, bad footing, plenty of great views and fresh air. 

Time: Saturday August 20. @ 6:00 AM

Place:  Meet at the Picnic table above the Hawaii Nature Center.(before the bend on Makiki Heights Drive.)

Parking:  Best to park on Makiki Heights Drive, or down near the water tank.  Trail head parking lot is often target of smash and grab gangs. 

Goal:  The Plan is to do TWO Trek Loops (10 Miles each).  One is OK.  Come early or come late (8:15 or so for second loop.)   Two to Three hours for each loop depending on speed.

There is water at the bathrooms. Bring a gallon if uncertain.  You need to have 40 to 80 ounces for each loop. Bring nutrition.

Jeff Fong and Keoua Huddy will lead this weeks training session.   

Have fun, and Aloha!  Mikem