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Saturday Training 12-4-10 "Mixed Plate"

Congratulations to Ultraman Finisher Wendy Minor

156650_173879679306217_100000525570197_509886_2808529_n This past weekend while many of us were enjoying Thanksgiving and all the leftovers, Black Friday and other Christmas shopping adventures or maybe even doing something crazy like Hogsback repeats all night long, Wendy Minor was out doing Ultraman. 

She had a terrific Ultraman support crew of Gil and Cheryl Loomis and Steve and Jakob Dewald. They were the Brew Crew!

You can learn more about Ultraman here

She has a whole album of photos here

Wendy has done numerous Ironman's, Xterra's, and now Ultraman. Congratulations Wendy!


Paul Sibley

True inspiration with a smile. You rock Wendy!!

Brian Wilson

Way to go Wendy! An effort and accomplishment few of us will ever truly understand and something you will carry with you for ever. You are a shining star lady!


Wendy, you are one tough gal ! I will never understand how you had the mental toughness and physical stamina to do Ultraman. Having the best crew ever can only get you so far. Great job, sweetie !


Mindboggling, Wendy! I'm still wondering whether I'll ever be able to swim a full length of the pool... Let's see, how much would that be in miles? :-/


Wendy is our Ultra Queen. What an amazing accomplishment and adventure. Well done! Malie!

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