Peacock Lost and Found

Gordon has a few items from the race. 

1) one military backpack with the name "Cecere" on it
2) one soft blue round cooler with pizza inside ( since thrown away)
3) one soft black cooler
4) one headlamp ( need to describe to claim and know brand)
My question, since this was the last Peacock 54, what is happening with all the left over Peacock 54 visors???
Please comment below if any of the above items are yours or contact Gordon directly. 


The Final "Peacock 54" 2010 Results

Aloha Athletes,

69370_441215651323_617191323_5733512_3470768_n (Wily Woo Photo)
RD Gordon kicked off the 2010 Peacock 54 with the announcement that it was the last and final Peacock 54. At first there were some stunned (maybe even disappointed) looks on people's faces. Gordon quickly changed all of that by continuing with the announcement that going forward, the Peacock would be lengthened to full 100k distance. Wow, and that is how the day started. It only got better from there. 

With a full moon setting over the ocean, runners were off at 6:00 a.m. up Kealia trail. The morning was actually cool in the pre-dawn hours but that quickly changed as runners headed up the hill. 

There can be many things said about the Peacock 54 but easy isn't one of them. This race keeps up the HURT tradition of tough races. 

Fifty-one runners started the race, however far fewer finished the full 54 miles. 

Some notes from John Salmonson:

  • About a 50% finishing rate, but about 90% among the women.
  • Scott chased Hannah and Julie all day and finally passed Hannah with a couple of miles to go.
  • Don’t remember ever having two women in the top three and so close to winning!
  • Many thanks to Gordon and all the volunteers, this race is hard on everyone!

Mahalo to Don and Gordon as Race Directors. Special thanks to Rob Lahoe for the up top aid station. Also thanks to Ernest, Fish, Cheryl, Kat, Freddie, Vernon, Doug and all the other volunteers. 

There are a lot of stories that will be told about this race and hopefully a lot of lessons learned. Hannah Roberts and Julie Doheney were racing and leading for much of the day. Apparently it wasn't until the last few miles that Scott was able to take the lead into the finish. 

For those racers entered into the 2011 HURT 100, lick your wounds, rest your legs, take the lessons from this race and apply that to your training as you prepare for the HURT 100. 

Get out there and run!

Aloha, Bob

Click here to see some photos from the finish that Doug Baker took. Thanks Doug!

Congratulations to all the finishers. Here are the results.

Place Name Time
1 Scott Kuwaye 11:58
2 Hannah Roberts 12:02
3 Julie Doheney 12:09
4 Jeff Fong 13:23
5 Larry Inouye 13:25
6 John Robb 14:08
7 Doug Long 14:20
8 Sue Lohr 14:24
9 Ben Wunderlich 14:54
10 Randy Flores 14:54
11 Gordon Lau 15:05
12 Wily Woo 15:17
13 Jesse Story 15:18
14 Tom Craven 15:21
15 Julie Ng 15:28
16 Alex Garcia 15:32
17 Deanna Clements 16:15
18 Mike Muench 16:30
19 Marian Yasuda 16:37
20 Jan McGriff 16:39  
21 Kiley Momohara 16:39


2010 Triple Trek Results

P1010126  Aloha Athletes,

Mahalo to Ernest and Fish for putting on a great race. They did an excellent job of getting the course nice, wet and muddy for all the runners. They had some fun prizes and TTT visors as well plus great snacks. Thanks to everyone else who made the race a success. Cheryl and Katrina up at the road crossing. John and PJ for making this all possible. Marian for dropping off some goodies and everyone else who contributed. There were some amazing performances and stories out there. 

The results can be seen here.

The next race is the Peacock 54. More info will be coming up soon. Time to step up the mileage!

Aloha, Bob 


HURT Trail Series: Tantalus Triple Trek Revised Instructions









DISTANCE:  30 Miles (3 Trek 10 Mile Loops)


RACE ENTRY FEE:   $10.00


Please park below the entrance to the Hawaii Nature Center, as parking is extremely limited.  


When you walk up to the start early in the morning, please observe the “QUIET ZONE” along the Nature Center driveway. We want to be considerate to the residents along the drive.


  • Check-in race morning is mandatory.  We need to know who is on the trail during the race. Likewise, runners are required to notify aid station personnel if they drop out of the race, before they leave the course.
  • Since the Triple Trek starts at 5:30 am, participants may wish to carry a small flashlight till after daylight.
  • Slower runners please be courteous and step aside for faster runners.
  • Please Yield to Hikers
  • Absolutely NO LITTERING! You will be disqualified. Our Tantalus rainforests are fragile, & too special and beautiful to trash. Please observe this rule.
  • The course will be marked- listen for instructions at your start.
  • It is advisable that you carry one or two water bottles on the course.                             
  • There will be an aid station with water on Tantalus Drive (about 7 miles from the start), and at the Start/Finish line. 
  • The two road crossings at the Roundtop Drive and Tantalus Road require your extreme caution while crossing the road- runners will be responsible for their own safety.
  • Number one priority is to HAVE FUN, smell the ginger flowers, and enjoy the scenery.



Tantalus Triple Trek (TTT) Information: Race Day: (Saturday) September 4, 2010 - 5:30 am Start.

Aloha! Welcome to our 19th Annual TTT. 

Wow!! How time flies, especially when you are enjoying yourselves in our HURT Trail Series. OK, here’s where we get a little serious on the mileage (50km or 30 miles), after all, this race marks the official beginning of H.U.R.T. training. As usual, there is no pre-registration, so just come early on race day, bring your $10 and sign-in.

Each runner will complete three of the Trek 10 mile loops, coming back to the Nature Center aid station each loop. For those of you not familiar with the race course, we suggest you study the attached map, (perhaps you may want to print this out & carry a copy ). There will probably be a couple of training runs prior to race day, so please look out for these on the HURT blog.

We will have the usual race munchies which will cater to most palates with iced water & gatorate at both aid stations. Usually everyone bring their own concoctions/special needs for the race & you are highly encouraged to do so. Please also feel free to bring a potluck to share, but it is not required.

We will be there to open the main gate at 4:30am, so we can set-up by the bathrooms & take care of race registration. There is no parking above the second gate, so please park on Makiki Heights Road below the Nature Center entrance. We would appreciate if we didn’t fill-up the lower parking lot, so you can park out on the road or even down the water tank and walk up. Only race officials and volunteers can park up at the top. Please arrive early enough to park & bring your stuff up to the start & sign-in.

It will be dark on the trail for the first hour or so – strongly suggest you bring a small flashlight.

Aid stations will be at the Start & at the 7 mile Tantalus Road crossing. The Tantalus aid station will stay open until 1:30 pm, so plan accordingly. “Please take enough fluids with you especially during the later part of the afternoon”. (Most runners bring their own electrolytes)

Cutoff is 11:30, to leave the Start-Finish station for the third loop. Dropouts need to inform either race directors (Fish/Ernest), so we won’t be looking for you in the woods after the race.

The course will be marked with Orange ribbons, for the uphill section to the top of Tantalus and Green ribbons to bring you back down to the Nature Center. This is a figure eight course, so orange & green ribbons will overlap in some areas of the course. As always, BLUE is BAD! So do not go that direction. Bad section & hazards will be clearly marked with Blue ribbons.

We promise this to be another exciting race & look forward to seeing you all soon!

Mauanawili Out and Back Results

IMG00041-20100814-0706 Aloha Athletes,

First a huge Mahalo to Marian and Neal for putting on an awesome race today. Neal's aid station had nice cold water and lots of support. It was fun to hear the cheers running into the aid station and the people there helping were awesome in getting us back out on the trail quickly.

Marian just puts out an incredible spread of food and we even had a few tourists asking if they could buy food. Clearly this post-race banquet is the best!

A special thanks to Harald for being the water savior for many runners out on the trail. He was a complete surprise and welcome relief to many on the return leg.

The results speak for themselves. Matt S. set another record time but since we don't record times for this race, you'll have to ask him just what his time was. Let's just say it was under 3 hours. 

Click here to see the results. I am sure there will be more photos available later.

Aloha, Bob

Maunawili Out and Back

Maunawili Out & Back


Aka - Run With the Pigs

Pig-in-slippersHey sleepyhead - get your hairy backside out of bed on Saturday, August 14 for the Maunawili Out and Back 22-Mile and Relay starting at 7:00 a.m. at the Nuuanu/Pali Lookout.

Parking Details:
Parking at the start/finish is monitored by parking attendants.  A Hawaii I.D. is required to waive the $3 parking fee.  All runners should park below the marked stalls area, lining the roadway leading up to the parking lot.  Carpooling is highly encouraged.


Put your running shoes on, grab your $10 and your water bottle, and get to the Pali lookout by 6:30 a.m.  Be ready to have some fun!

In my absence, email Bob McAllaster with any questions.  If you are looking for a relay partner, post a comment to the blog.


Saturday Training July 10, 2010. Peacock Flats

Aloha Athletes,

Marian is planning on starting at the base of long road at 4:30 a.m. and the rest of the group is meeting at the parking lot behind the control tower for a 7:00 a.m start. If you are planning on joining in, remember lots of fluids for hydration, electrolytes and fantastic views. You can always contact Cheryl or Marian for more info. 

Get out there and run somewhere. 



Maunawili Out-n-Back 22 Miler and Relay

AKA - Run With the Pigs


The sixth event of the 2010 H.U.R.T. Trail Series is scheduled for Saturday, August 14 at 7:00 a.m.  In keeping with the H.U.R.T. spirit, this run is all about enjoying the trail and the camaraderie of your fellow runners.

Requirements for entering this event are:

  • Be ready and willing to have fun,
  • Show up at the start no later than 6:30 a.m. with $10 in hand,
  • Carry a minimum of 40 ounces of fluid with you,
  • Stay after you finish and enjoy good food and friends, and
  • Be ready and willing to have fun. Bad ass pig


Parking at the start/finish (Nuuanu/Pali lookout) is now monitored by parking attendants.  Hawaii I.D. (i.e. - driver's license) is required to waive the $3 parking fee.  All runners will need to park below the marked stalls, lining the roadway leading up to the parking lot.  When you finish running, be prepared to show your proof of residency (driver's license).  Carpooling is highly encouraged.  We do not want to wear out our welcome with the State park system!

The start of the run is staggered, based on age(s) and gender(s), to "handicap" younger and faster runners.  This allows for a closer, condensed finish and gives any runner or team the opportunity to win or place in the run. There are two intersections on the trail, one at each end, that will be marked with pink-colored ribbons.  As always, in H.U.R.T. events, BLUE is BAD. 

The hand-off point for relay teams is at the trailhead in Waimanalo.  Ideally, as the "lead-off" runner starts at the lookout, the "anchor" runner will drive to the trailhead in Waimanalo.  At the Waimanalo trailhead, the runners will exchange car keys as the hand-off.

Pigtails Don't get left "behind" - add this event to your calendar!  Call or email Marian with any questions - 221-5171 or [email protected]