2008 H.U.R.T. Trail Series Ends in Epic Conditions

Congratulations to all the runners, volunteers, and race directors in the first Peacock 54.
Wow, is all I can say. I have included photos from Gordon here. The full results can be seen here.

Amazing efforts by all in what looks like incredible weather and conditions.

The 2008 H.U.R.T. Trail series finished out a very successful season. Now it is time to focus on the H.U.R.T. 100 in January and to start thinking about 2009 races.

My apologies for the late posting of this, as many of you know I was on Maui and was without WiFi. On an island called Maui--where it was very dry compared to Oahu, another race or two took place this weekend. More details and photos of that event to come.

Strong efforts runners. I hope you are proud of your efforts.



P.S. Gordon has someone's drop bag. It is a blue bag with some power bars, belt and a headlamp. Contact Gordon if you are missing one.

Mauricio Returns with Photos

Mauricio stopped by the Planet Sun kiosk around lunch time today to drop off photos he had taken at the Plain 100. It was great to see him and he looked very good for just having finished one of the tougher 100 mile races. He was in uniform with boots and walking great. He shared some of his adventure with me, however I am hoping he will put his experience into words so all of us can enjoy it.

I loved looking at these photos. Brought back some good memories of a cold and wet time I once had out on some of these same trails. Looks a bit sunnier and dustier from what I remember.

Congratulations Mauricio--# 3 100-mile finish for the year!! Enjoy the photos--click here.

Triple Trek Post Race

Aloha Runners,

We had a record turn-out (41 I think?) for the Tantalus Triple Trek this past Saturday. Thanks to all the runners who came out and thanks to all the volunteers. Unfortunately I don't have all the names but I know runners were very appreciative (I was) of the two aid stations at each road crossing. Of course we have to thank John and PJ who hosted the start/finish and put out quite a spread for the post race feast.

Conditions for the race were pretty good, however the course was quite a bit wetter and muddier in some spots than it had been even just a week before. The race was won by an inspired Matt Stevens who had recently returned from Africa where he watched the Kenyan Olympic Trials. Matt is also running H.U.R.T. this year and has the mojo to compete with the big boys. Watch out!!

Coming in second on the men's side was Paul Hopwood of Maui. After the race I saw the shoes Paul runs in and was amazed he can run as he does in such a lightweight shoe. The shoe basically consists of some mesh to cover your feet and hold it on and a thin rubber soled bottom. At least that is what they looked like in comparison to my heavy, reinforced, protective Vasque Velocity shoes.

Here's a photo of what I think Paul runs in. Mr790cy_lg I think I might look for a lighter shoe. It might help me pick my feet up and not kick so many rocks and roots!

On the women's side, Julie Takashima came in first and Brenda Yim finished second. I didn't even know Julie was at the race until after she finished. With the start in the dark, it is hard to know who is running.

The next race and final race in the 2008 H.U.R.T. Trail series is the inaugural Peacock 54 on October 25. More details will be coming.

Tantalus Triple Trek--This Saturday

Hey Runners,

Just a reminder that this Saturday (August 30) is the Tantalus Triple Trek. The race starts at 5:30 a.m. so runners need to be up at the bathrooms by the Nature Center at least 30 minutes (5:00 a.m.) before the start of the race. We have been asked to not use all of the parking at the lower lot, so that means parking down by the water tank and walking up.

Race entry is just $10 and there is no pre-race sign-up.

Complete details can be found here.

2007 Results can be seen here.

Also, PJ has requested help in pulling ribbons from the course, starting at 11:30 a.m. If you can help with this, please contact PJ.

Tantalus Triple Trek Information- Race Day August 30, 5:30 am start.

This is our 17th annual TTT- can you believe it? Now that it is part of the Trail Series, there is no pre-registration, so just come early and sign in. Each runner will complete three of the Trek 10-mile loops, coming back through the Nature Center aid station each loop. (make sure you check in with Big John each time!)

We will have some munchies- something salty, something sweet, some fruit, water, sodas and gatorade. Usually everyone brings their own concoctions for the race, so we decided to focus more on our post race stuff (we'll BBQ hotdogs and chicken again). Feel free to bring a potluck to share, but it is not required!

We will be there to open the main gate at 4:30 am, so we can set up by the bathrooms.

Aaron would appreciate it if we didn't fill up the lower parking lot. So you can park out on the road or even down by the water tank and walk up. Only race officials and volunteers can park up at the top. Please arrive early enough to park, schlep your stuff up to the Start, and sign in.

Please also observe the "quiet zone" when walking up the road to the Start area, so we don't wake up the neighbors so early!

It will be dark on the trail for the first half hour- suggest you bring a small flashlight.

Aid stations will be at about 3 miles and 7 miles with water, gatorade, and a few snacks. They are at the Roundtop Road, and Concrete Road crossings. Roundtop will stay open until 11:45, and Concrete, until 1:30. Plan accordingly. PLEASE take one to two water bottles on your run. (Most runners bring their own electrolytes.)

Cutoff is 11:30, to leave the Start-Finish station. Dropouts need to inform John before leaving the area, so we won't be looking for you in the woods after the race.

The course will be marked with pink ribbons, for the uphill section to the top of Tantalus and then with green ribbons to bring you back down to the Nature Center. This is a figure eight course, so pink and green ribbons will overlap in some areas of the course. BLUE IS BAD- don't go that direction, in other words. Simply, if you get to any intersection on the trail, look in all directions to find your pink ribbons going up, and your green ribbons returning and you won't get lost.

We will mark the course Friday, August 29, at 2 pm promptly from the Nature Center bathrooms. Come around with us so you can see the course!

Request for volunteers!
We are looking for a volunteer to take down the ribbons after the last runner goes out on the course.

Also, we need a couple volunteers to handle the Roundtop aid station from 5:30 am to 11:45. Please call PJ at 351-1453.

On a very sad note, our good friend to H.U.R.T., Earl Pawn, who lived on the grounds of the Nature Center, passed away yesterday from cancer. Earl was the Baseyard manager for many years, and was always there to sneak us in the main gate early in the mornings and let us out late at night when we were doing our races and training runs. We will miss him very much. We'll let you know when his memorial service is scheduled.

Maunawili Out and Back Photos, Final Results Coming Soon

As has been mentioned by Don and others in the comments, Saturday's race was fun, the post race food was excellent and Neal and Marian deserve a big Mahalo for putting on a great race.

Seventy runners is incredible. Thank you for all that participated.

Click here to see some photos from Saturday. If you have other photos, get in touch with me and we will figure out a way to connect so I can put them up here.


Maunawili Out and Back Run and Relay is Saturday, August 2nd

Running_pigs Run with the Pigs

Saturday, August 2nd is the day.

7:00 a.m. is the Start Time (Please be there by 6:30 a.m. for registration)

$10 is the Entry Fee

22 Miles (or 11 miles if you re doing a relay) is the Distance

Pali Lookout is the Starting Location (Relay partners should both show up at the race start)

Water is Required (show up with water bottles or a hydration pack)

For more details, click here.

Did we mention there might be Pigs?


Run with the Pigs a.k.a. Maunawili Out and Back Run and Relay August 2, 2008

We had a good turnout for this past Saturday's training run on the Maunawili Trail. It seems some of thePigrace runners thought this was actually the race and after a nice, slow walking start (and nice drenching rain), the rabbits took off. The trail is in great shape and there are lots of mountain apples and strawberry guava along the way.

We did our best to send the faster runners on a bit of a detour but they still managed to smoke the course.

Don't forget to get your legs (and the legs of your relay partner if you are doing it as a relay) in shape for this fun race on August 2nd. All the race details can be found here.

See you out on the trails!