HURT 12 Hour Photos & Results

As PJ said, the HURT 12 Hour concluded an exciting and fun 2006 Trail Series. PJ took a few pictures and you can view them here. Click here to see the results.

The man with the most laps was Paul Hopwood of Maui. He came over and participated as a way to check out the trails for the HURT 100. Paul ran a total of 42.5 miles. Cheryl Loomis was the top woman in the race, running 30 miles. Congratulations and thanks to all the runners!

A big Mahalo to everyone who was involved with the 2006 Trail Series. This includes all the individual race directors, the participants, and especially to John and PJ for supporting us and making this happen.

Aloha, Bob

HURT 12 Hour Report

Today's 12 hour run was unbelievable! Every finish was a story in it's own, and every performance was inspiring!

Conditions were brutal- a hard rain on the dry trails at the start rendered the trails about as slippery as they could get... pretty greasy at the beginning. The windless humid air was oppressive, and our runners were getting depleted early on.

Nonetheless, no whiners, no quitters, just brave competitors heading out on each successive loop. ...Even some light bantering amongst the competitors as they snuck by each other while the other was grazing at the aid station table. Delirium perhaps? No, just willful and focused ultrarunners on a mission.

John and I are always grateful for the loyalty of our HURT family- so many came out to help us with the set up and break down of the aid station, to visit with us, and to hang out and keep us company and cheer on their fellow HURT runners. (...and I think not out of duty, but because they just wanted to be there whether they were competing or not). The overall cheerful attitude set the mood for the runners.(and I've seen the same spirit at all of the other Trail Series races this year)

Although weary from the long day, we arrived home still giddy, warm and fuzzy with good thoughts about our most cherished friends showing up at the race one by one- each appearance was a treat and everyone was very helpful. It made this aid station easy to run.

Thanks to all of you. It was a wonderful and satisfying way to end the 2006 Trail Series. You are the best.

Aloha, PJ

HURT Trail Series-Last Race Reminder: Hogsback 12 Hour, Oct 14th.

Just a reminder that the last race in the 2006 HURT Trail Series is the Hogsback 12 Hour Race.

More details can be found here: Here is a link to the 2005 results:

The race is simple, repeats on a easy 2-1/2 mile loop for 12 hours or as long as you can go up to 12 hours. There's one hill and a few bumps along the way. Half of the race is downhill.

Race day registration only. Show up at the Nature Center by 5:30 a.m. for the 6:00 a.m. start. and the entry is $10.

Runners should plan on bringing their own aid or nutritional needs for a 12-hour race as there will just be light snacks and water/Gatorade at the Start/Finish.

Call or e-mail John if you have any questions. 566-6543 or [email protected]

Triple Trek Photos

Jozef Gyurke sent in these photo's from Triple Trek (Click here to view). There are some great shots of the racers at the finish and the post-race potluck. Jozef also went back out on the course and took some pictures of the trails. There are some great shots of Hogsback and some of the other trails. This is a great way to show your friends where you ran. Thanks Jozef!!

Last Race in the 2006 HURT Trail Series: Hogsback 12-Hour, Oct. 14

The last race in the 2006 HURT Trail series is scheduled for October 14. The Hogsback 12-hour race is an excellent opportunity for trail runners to build their strength and endurance as training for the 2007 HURT 100 in January. It is also good for trail runners who want to see just how far they can run in 12 hours.

The race course is simple! It starts at the Nature Center and goes up Hogsback, over the crossover trail and back down Center Trail to the start/finish and the Nature Center. Runners just repeat this 2-1/2 mile loop as many times as they can in 12 hours. For those who just ran Triple Trek, going up Hogsback is way easier than running down it.

Runners should plan on bringing their own aid or nutritional needs for a 12-hour race as there will just be light snacks and water/Gatorade at the Start/Finish.

This is a fun race! Even if you know you can't stay all 12 hours, come out and see how many laps you can run. More details will be posted as we get closer to race day. The race starts at 6:00 a.m. and registration is 30 minutes before race start. Entry is just $10.

Triple Thanks for the Triple Trek

I just want to make sure all those who volunteered understand how much us runners appreciated what you did. It was great having Mae Martinez, Cheryl Loomis, and Nanci Gandy staffing the aid stations. I know at the start and finish, Joel & Steff Jenkins were helping out, as was Vanessa Huff. There were probably others I am missing. Thanks!

The co-race directors, John and PJ Salmonson made sure we has a special finish with a great potluck. The grilled items (thanks to Eric Salmonson) were ono! Chicken, steak, and some really yummy sausage. There was breadfruit, pumpkin pie, salsa, tako poke, and all kinds of good grinds! Good friends, good food! That's what made this run special. The trails were pretty good too!

Watch for photos from Josef over the next few days!

A Few More Triple Trek Notes

Just a few more things regarding Saturday's Triple Trek. Sally Skimin set a new record time for women with her time of 5:16. Way to run Sally!!

Steve Dewald's name was somehow not included in yesterday's results. He finished 6:31:06. Same time as Gil Loomis.

Special thanks to the volunteers who ran the aid stations, race directors, and the Nature Center. More details to come later.

Tantalus Triple Trek Runners

The race is this Saturday.

We will be running a slightly different course this year for the 50K. We can no longer start at the bridge by the bathrooms. The Start is right across the street from where we had the picnic in prior years. Once you pass the bathrooms, the course is the same.

The Nature Center is allowing us to use the bathrooms in their new building!
Parking is limited to the lower parking lot near the first gate. You will need to schlep your race things up to the Start. Most runners will bring supplemental drinks and race food to meet their own requirements. We will provide cold drinks, pretzels and cookies.

The race will start PROMPTLY at 5:30 am. Please allow enough time to park, walk to the Start, and register. We will be at the Nature Center at 4:30 am to greet you.

Please be advised that there have been a couple of break-ins in the lower parking lot. We suggest that everyone take precautions- do not leave any valuables in your car.

You must start the third loop by noon, which is the cutoff time. There will be aid stations at the Start, at the Roundtop Road  crossing, and at the bottom of the Concrete Road. Please take your own water bottle/bottles, as we expect hot temperatures.

We are requesting a volunteer to be a gopher at the Start-Finish aid station, not to keep John and me company, but to be available with a car to perform a run up to the aid stations,or make a run for supplies, if necessary.

We would enjoy the runners hanging around after their race to share battle stories, and watch the rest of the runners come in. And, if you want to bring a little potluck to share ( we won't have a big crowd), and maybe a drink of choice, we will have a nice little party.

See you all Saturday!

If anyone has questions, please contact PJ at 235-0577, but not after 7:45 pm.(zzzzzz.......)

Triple Trek Volunteers

TTT volunteers' run will be held Saturday morning at 6 am. Everyone is responsible for their own aid. Cheryl and Don and whoever else is participating will be leaving the NC lower parking lot at 6 am.

I haven't heard yet how runners will handle getting their drinks and food up to the course, but stay tuned.

The course has changed due to the construction at the Nature Center. The start-finish line, will be at the picnic tables where we had the trophy presentation in past years, and the new course will go along the new little trail just across the street. Runners need to touch the rock wall at the start-finish after each loop.

Please let PJ know ([email protected]) if you will be doing the volunteer run, and what your finish time is after you complete the course.

Photos from Maunawili Out & Back

Mike Garcia has posted pictures he took on Saturday at the Muanawili Out and Back. You can find them by scrolling down the right side of this site and looking under Photo Albums or clicking here.

Remember to click the photo's to make them larger.

Maybe next year we should give Mother Hen a camera as it sounds like she would have gotten some great shots of people doing all kinds of things out on the course.

Thanks Mike!

Maunawili Results

Jeff Huff sent me the results from yesterday's Maunawili race. Click here to view them.

This race had a fun starting format and all in all was a lot of fun for those of us who got to participate. It was a beautiful day with the occasional gusty trade winds to keep us cool, clear trail conditions, and the usual back and forth chatter among running friends. Thanks to all the people who put on the race and offered aid and support.

Remember the next race in the HURT Trail Series is the Tantalus Triple Trek on September 2. This year, there is only the Triple Trek, a three loop route in the Makiki/Tantalus trail system for a total of 50K. Because of the longer format this race will start at the Hawaii Nature Center at 5:30 a.m. More details will be posted soon!