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Aloha Runners,


We will be closing down the wait list on 12/15/2010. We have just sent out 5 invitations for 3 slots, if you were on the wait list and did not receive an e mail you will not be running the 2011 H.U.R.T. 100. If you were one of the 5 those last three slots are doled out as first come first served as spelled out in your e mail. We thank you all for you interest in the H.U.R.T. 100.

An updated runner entrant list after 12/15/10.

For those of you who were not accepted into the run and who will be in town for the event, we would strongly encourage you to volunteer in some capacity. We are looking for trail marking members and aid station volunteers.

We will also be employing "Safety Sweeps" this year and are seeking 3-4 more runners who are knowledgeable of the course and who want to be out there for 8-10 hours of running.

Please contact me at [email protected] if you are interested in volunteering in any capacity.



Jeff, John, PJ.





Jeff Huff

Albert is now signed up.

Jeff Huff

Nope, his invite is still there and open. He needs to sign into his Ultra Signup account and the application will recognize his e mail and allow him to register. Time is ticking.


boy, the three slots went fast.. i was at the honolulu marathon expo with albert su when the email came out this afternoon.. he used his iphone to check his email and register but it didn't want to accept saying it was full..

and that's in just 15 mins from the email coming out.

well i guess he has till the 15th to find out if things change.. yeah?

looking forward for january.

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