Mango Madness Race 6/10

13423757_1192462920785817_499181905073174024_nThe Madness is almost here! This Saturday, meet at Archie Baker Mini Park. It's the triangular-shaped park at the corner of Makiki Street and Makiki Heights Drive. The race starts at 7am, so please give yourself ample time to find parking and check in. Prepare for a hot race. We will have two aid stations (one at the road crossing on Moleka, the other at the road crossing at the bottom of Concrete Hill), but my advice is to CARRY water and snacks. It is a 10+ mile race on the steepest sections of Tantalus. Special surprises at the finish to give you some extra motivation. See everyone soon!


(pictured are some of the Top 10 Women of the 2016 race)


- Melanie (Mad RD)

Mango Madness Preview Run, 6/3, 6am, Nature Center


Please meet at 6am in the Nature Center parking lot this Saturday, June 3, for another approximate preview of the course. Please bring your hydration pack and snacks. All paces are welcome. No one will be left behind. See you Saturday morning!

The Co RD

P.S. The Mad RD will be competing at the Ironman 70.3, aka Honu, in the Big Island this Saturday.  Good luck, Melanie!

Mango Madness Preview 5/27


Are you ready for Mango? Well, we will get you as ready as you can be! We cannot show you the exact course because that would be against the Mango Madness rules.

Please meet at 7am in the Nature Center parking lot this Saturday, May 27 for an approximate preview of the course. Please bring your hydration pack and snacks. I will be sweeping, so all paces are welcome. No one will be left behind. See you Saturday morning!

The Mad RD

aloha all, just a quick reminder that the video shoot for the HURT film on Lanikai ridge is on for tomorrow morning! We hope that as many people as possible can make it, as this footage will likely be used as a closing shot for the film. Please meet Melanie at the boat ramp at Kailua Beach Park at 8 AM. She will be in contact with Steven and Bryson up on the ridge, and the group can walk/jog over to the trail for the shot. The whole deal should take about 2 hours. Hope to see you there!

Kealia Quad Crusher Results, Photos, and Videos

The 2nd annual Kealia Quad Crusher was anointed as Soul Crusher this past Saturday as temperatures quickly rose after sunrise. But that didn't stop most of the runners from tackling the "One Hill" twice!

Sergio Florian took the win but not without competition as Jeff Frank was on his heels coming down the switchbacks the second time around. Polina Carlson took 3rd overall while winning and breaking the course record for the women. Congratulations! Click here for the results.


If you wish to relive your experience at Kealia Quad Crusher, click on the following links. 

Kalani Pascual (on Facebook)
Augusto Decastro

Kalani's cool drone footage
Augusto's pre-race briefing and course footage

As always, the trail series are run by our gracious volunteers. Mahalo for all your help.

Next up is Mango Madness on June 10, which is sold out. Please tune in to this channel for the partial course preview training run coming up soon. Contact us if you wish to volunteer.

Rosie and Steve

Kealia Quad Crusher - Saturday May 6th at 7am

Aloha Quad Crushers!

Race day is Saturday May 6 with a start time of 7am. There are currently 3 remaining spots to enter if you'd like to run, make sure to sign up today. Make sure to arrive early enough to get checked in, get comfy and do any warm up routines to prepare yourself for the small hills we have in store for you on the course.

Course Description
The race will be a two lap out & back course. It will start at the Kealia trailhead, climb ~2.5 miles to the top of Kealia Trail where it intersects with Ku'aokala Access Road. Runners will turn around at this intersection and head back down Kealia Trail, retracing the route they just climbed. Returning to the start/finish line, they will turn around and run the same route up and down the course.

The route will be marked with our ribbons, which will be explained race morning when you check in. Course marshals will be on course to point you in the proper direction at critical turns. As always, blue is bad. Do not follow any trails marked in blue ribbon.


Aid Stations
There will be no aid stations ON the course. All food & water will be available only from the start/finish near the parking area. You will be passing through here at the half way point during the race so you will have a chance to fill up, eat and drink at approximately mile 5. But keep in mind that the course is rugged and hot, and we urge you to carry your own water bottle for safety and comfort. Bathrooms and water spigots are available at the start/finish.

Directions & Parking
The main starting/staging area for the race is the Dillingham Airfield. From Farrington Highway, after passing Camp Mokuleia, turn left into the third entrance to Dillingham Airfield. Proceed straight ahead 0.4 mile to the parking area. Parking will be in the grass field adjacent to the start/finish area. Do NOT park in the paved parking lot. As always carpooling is encouraged and appreciated.

If a runner fails to complete the first lap within the 2.5 hour cutoff time, they will be disqualified, and will not be allowed to head back out on the course.

If you have to drop out or choose not to continue on a second lap, it is mandatory for you to inform one of the race directors at the start-finish, before the race is over. We don’t want to have to send a search party after you.

Please Kokua

  • Please stay on the trail as this is a sensitive area and a number of endangered plants live along the trail.
  • Please be courteous to other racers and hikers.
  • This is a State Park, so alcohol is not permitted.


The RD's aka Rosie & Steve

Kealia Quad Crusher Preview Run - Sunday, 4/30 at 7:30am

Hola Athletes,

Come join us for a preview run for Kealia Quad Crusher this Sunday, April 30, lead by Rosie. 

The race is on May 6th, and it looks like there are still spots available. Register now!

The run will start and finish at Dillingham Airfield parking lot.

Start Time 7:30am (Sunday, April 30).
Distance 5+ miles.
Please carry at least 20 ounces of water.

See you there!

Rosie, RD

Marlon G (photo by Kalani)

Opportunity to be in the HURT film! May 20th, 8 AM at Kailua Beach Park/Lanikai Ridge

Aloha HURT ohana,

Our three man film crew will be back on O'ahu from May 15-20 to complete filming and interviews for documentary we are putting together on the history of HURT and the HURT 100.  (  We would like as many HURT runners as possible to be in the film, so we will be meeting at 8 am at the boatramp at Kailua Beach Park on Saturday morning, May 20th for a 1 hour run up and down Lanikai ridge.  We know this isn't really a common trail for HURT and that there will be a zillion people up there, but we wanted to get a location for some group running shots that have some ocean views and easy flying for the drone to get good aerial shots (read: no trees to hit)    We would love to have a big group out there, so invite your friends and please wear bright colors.  If there are any changes due to weather, I'll make sure and update both here and on facebook.

Mahalo nui loa!

Matt Stevens


Vi's Top of Tantalus Race Results and Photos

Another great HURT Trail Series race on Saturday, April 15th! Vi's Top of Tantalus had 107 runners on a spectacular day. Kat and I are sorry that the course had less mud than usual. Congrats to all the runners who finished smiling, or who at least smiled after recovering from the steep, uphill finish.

Ryan Karwiel and Polina Carlson won their respective divisions. Polina also broke the women's course record previously held by Shawna Ping since 2013. Click here for the race results, and click here for the photos.

Ryan Karwiel and Polina Carlson

The HURT Ohana makes race directing a breeze. We were overwhelmed with volunteers. Thank you!

Next race is the Kealia Quad Crusher on Saturday, May 6. Register now at UltraSignup before all the spots are taken. 

Judy, RD

Boardwalk at Pauoa Flats

Some of you have heard about the planned boardwalk. It didn't sound nice, and most of us might think it won't fit in with the trail ambiance. I sent an inquiry to Kyle at Na Ala Hele, because he asked if we could provide some volunteers to help with the construction. I mentioned it probably wouldn't be a popular idea with us, but that we would help if he needed us...he's been very generous to HURT! Here was his response:

Our new branch manager ( Marigold S. Zol) wants to construct a boardwalk over the rooted section of Pauoa Flats Trail. We believe it is vital to have a boardwalk over this section for a number of reasons. We regularly use that trail to educate government officials, dignitaries and the public on the importance of DOFAWs work. This trail showcases native forest, pioneer forestry, invasive plants, watersheds and other conservation issues that we work on. Essentially, this boardwalk will help get more people to the lookout and benefit our programs.

The boardwalk will be constructed on the side of the trail, leaving an open section of trail for those who do not wish to use the boardwalk. We would love to have you guys come out and assist with constructing the boardwalk. I've cc'd our new volunteer coordinator to this email, Garrett will be the POC for this project.

Please let me know if you have any other comments, questions or concerns.

Kyle Parsons, Na Ala Hele

I spoke to Kyle on April 12, and he said that they take people (including potential donors to the Trail projects) at least twice a month. There are a lot of these folks that would not be able to visit this whole section of trail easily without the boardwalk.

Kyle says it will be made out of natural products and will be finished with a protective covering that will best blend in. For now, an experimental section will be constructed. If it doesn't do the job intended, it can easily be removed.

Let's trust their reasons for going ahead with the project. We don't know everything after all. Have patience, and let's see how it works out. Kyle assured us that this will not slow down their efforts to repair other parts of the trails that are breaking down. You can forward your thoughts and concerns to Na Ala Hele,

(BTW, I lost my beloved purple raincoat that I rely on to keep warm at every race. I think I last wore it at Aiea Loop race. I've had it for 20 years. Please let me know if you found it)


Vi's Top of Tantalus Race Day Instructions

Aloha Athletes,

Vi's Top of Tantalus is sold out but we are looking forward to seeing everyone who has signed up for race #2 of our HURT trail series. The race starts at 8AM and the park opens at 7AM. Please arrive by 7:30 to ensure a timely start.

The race run will start and finish at the Pu'u Ualakaa Park, about two miles up Tantalus Mountain on Round Top Drive. This race is conducted in memory of our dear HURT friend, Vi Medusky-Jones, who passed away from ALS a few years ago.

According to our permit from the Division of State Parks, we are required to leave parking spaces open to other park users. Please park out on Round Top Drive, outside the entrance to the park, making sure your car is completely off the roadway. Carpooling to the race is highly encouraged. The race will start at the covered lookout, past the bathrooms, and finish in the upper parking lot. The route will be marked with our ribbons, which will be explained race morning when you check in. There will be one aid station near the Moleka road crossing about 5 miles into the race and light refreshments at the finish. The course is rugged and hot, and we urge you to carry a water bottle...our aid station is only to supplement your water needs. This is a State Park, so alcohol is not permitted. If you have to drop out, it is mandatory for you to inform one of the race directors at the start-finish, before the race is over.

We all look forward to seeing you, and spending another fun morning on the trails!

Judy and Kat