Volunteers Call for HURT100!


Join in and be a part of the the HURT100 Endurance Run on January 13-14, 2018, as a volunteer. You can choose to work at one of the 3 aid stations which are located in

1.) Hawaii Nature Center in Makiki Volunteer-hnc
(headed by Captain PJ Salmonson)
Click on the image for the signup info.
2131 Makiki Heights Dr
Honolulu, HI 96822 

2.) Paradise Park in Manoa Volunteer-pp
(headed by Captain Marian Yasuda)
Click on the image for the signup form.
Located near:
3737 Manoa Rd
Honolulu, HI 96822


3.) and Nu'uanu near Jackass Ginger Volunteer-jag
(headed by Captain Freddy Halmes)
Click on the image for the signup form.
Located near:
4022 Nuuanu Pali Dr
Honolulu, HI 96817


Work shifts range in duration from 6 to 8 hours each. There are many different duties and you may request a specific role if that matters to you. You are strongly encouraged to bring your best attitude to support the 125 runners while having a fantastic and fun experience. 

4.) Trail Marking - If you know the HURT100 course and have experience marking the trails with us before, you can join the Facebook group for volunteer opportunities.

2018 Trail Series Schedule


The 2018 HURT Trail Series is now open! Click on the Trail Series tab on the top navigation links for race details and registration.

Please note that the registration dates for Tantalus Triple Trek and Peacock Challenge are delayed to May 1 and June 2 respectively. Make sure you are subscribed to our feed so you won't miss the registration reminder emails for these two events.

Each race has limited spots so signing up early is recommended.

2017 Peacock Challenge Recap

Congratulations to everybody who participated in this year's Peacock Challenge!

We had a great turn-out from the Big Island including the winners in both divisions, Patrick Stover (new course record holder) and Bree Wee.

This year we had some challenges just to get to the starting line. The Army graciously allowed us to hold the race this past Saturday even as they had war games and training exercises at the same time. Thank you all for your patience at the West Gate, and thank you, Benita, for making sure the process went smoothly.

Thanks to Jeff F., Sue, Amanda, Jarren, Glenn, Connie and John for trail marking.

Marian/Neil Yasuda, Judy and Rob, Larry, Lee, Julie Ng, Les (the pig wrangler) Omura and Grace, Jill I, Lane and many other at long road aid station.

Steve Dewald and family, Andy C., Heather, Rebecca, Ron, Benita, and many more at three-way aid station.

Sandi, Myra, Linda, Sean, Laurie at the IN-N-Out Bistro!

Steve V, Rosie, Andy G, Kelly, and I think 2 more people helping us out on their bike patrol. I don’t know if I would rather run the crossover or bike it. None of the options seem to look that great for a novice like me.

Jeff F, Glenn, Kana, Jacki D for doing almost the same distance as the runners and that just as safety patrol rovers.

Rick Otani for following the “last” runner out of the start/finish on the first loop and heading over to three-way to help, only to come back and do the same routine in the evening!! On injured knees.

Jacque T, Ron, Jeff F, Glenn to do the course sweeping and taking off the ribbons/signs and rubbish off the trail.

At the start/finish, Jeff H, Vanessa, Wily, Connie, Mary B, Iris O, Jarren O, Kathy, Mikey B, Paul B, Melissa B, Kevin C, Brandt, Catherine C, Catlin F, Thomas F, Michael K, Sue, Heather McC, Heather O, and Zoe R the youngest volunteer!!

Benita, thank you for staying until the finish to help break down the aid station and to load everything up into the U-Haul.

Special thanks to Ashley Dudoit. She offered free massages to the runners after their run!!! I saw on their faces after getting off the table that they felt better already! Contact her if you need a follow-up appointment.

Thank you to PJ and John Salmonson!! I can not tell you how much I appreciate your support for this race, I would never
have taken it over without your help, guidance, and support. You trusted us enough to go ahead and take this race back into the HURT trail series. We are looking for a speedy recovery for you PJ so you can be ever present at check-in and time tracking. We all missed your presence at the race, you are always in our heart!

With all that said, here are your top finishers:






Click here for the full results

Thank you, Kana, for taking photos in the trails and Johnny Lingao for the finish/awards photos. Click here to view the gallery

Click here for more awesome photos on Facebook taken by Mikey Brown from Big Island.

To all, your humble friend,

Good Luck To The Peacock Challengers

Peacock Challenge 55 is upon us this weekend! Freddy and the race management team would like to thank all the volunteers, crews, and family members for putting so much time and effort to make this race happen. 

The roster list has been submitted to the US Army earlier today (Thursday, 10/19). So if you made it to the list, please don't forget to bring your ID's this Saturday in order to gain access to Dillingham Airfield.

For the runners and pacers, this is probably a good time to review the Peacock Challenge 55 Mile Run Information. Race check-in will begin at 4am to accommodate for the possible bottleneck at Dillingham Airfield's gate.

The current forecast this Saturday for Waialua is partly cloudy with a high of 87° and 10% chance of rain. 

See you soon!


ATTN: Peacock Challenge Announcements

1.) The US Army will take over access control of Dillingham Airfield from October 16 to October 28. So if you have plans to be inside Dillingham Airfield during the race on October 21st for any reason such as to spectate, to volunteer, or to crew your runner, please contact the race director, Freddy, to be added to the roster list. If you are not on the roster list, the Army will deny you entry into Dillingham Airfield. Please have your photo ID such as State ID or driver license with you at all times especially when leaving and entering Dillingham Airfield. If you need to be inside Dillingham Airfield before the race begins, consider the possible bottleneck at the entrance gate and any other scenarios the Army could throw our way.

2.) Freddy still needs volunteers for the race.

3.) DEADLINE: October 19! If you're not on the roster list by then, you will not get access to Dillingham Airfield.

4.) To contact Freddy, email him: freddyhalmes[at]gmail[dot]com. You can also use our Contact page, select "Peacock Challenge 55 mile" as the Subject, and request to be added to the roster list and/or volunteer list.

5.) Please spread the word!

Tantalus Triple Trek Results and Mahalos

Congratulations to all who toed the line and ran in the 2017 Tantalus Triple Trek! We hope everyone had a great experience and found this year's event challenging. Click here for the results.

Top 3 Male (L-R): Jeff Frank 3rd, Matt Hause 1st, Patrick Stover 2nd
Top 3 Female (L-R): Alyssa Amos 1st, Rozie Breslin 2nd, Shelby Thirkill 3rd

As with all our HURT Trail series events, this one could not have been possible without our exceptional volunteers! Much mahalo to this awesome group:

Course marshals: Mark McKeague, Rick Otani, Charlie Bostwick, Amanda Allgood (plus HNC a/s), Donielle & Chris Wolfe (plus Moleka a/s), Steve Villiger, Rosie Warfield, & Vicki Daniel (also Moleka a/s)
Moleka Aide Station: Benita & Arvel Shults, Jessi Duval, Daintry Bartoldus, & Keith Campbell.
HNC (start/aide station/finish): Connie Durant, Myra Pacubas, Ruby Aquino & Loren Aquino, Iris Oshiro, Kelly Sutcliffe, Jacqueline K. Tellei (plus sweeping course), Michael J. Lovette-Cole (also course sweep), Freddy Halmes (course sweep too) Heather McCafferty, Jeff Huff, Max Higa, Sara Santilli, Kathleen Baker, & Rachel Parker (clean up after running race...wow!!)
Photography: Macy Higa, Augusto Decastro Photography, & Kalani Pascual
Our sincerest apologies if we missed anyone.

Most of all much thanks and love to John PJ Salmonson our heart and inspiration!!!

2017-Tantalus-Triple-Trek-RDMuch love and aloha,
Sandi & Jeffrey (your Triple Trek Race Directors)
FYI: By special request the 3T store has been re-opened for the LAST TIME until next Sunday. Expect 1.5-2 months to receive items! Click Here To Order.


Tantalus Triple Trek Race Day Instructions

Aloha Everyone,

The big day is just around the corner…the 26th running of H.U.R.T.’s Tantalus Triple Trek!!!!


Here are the instructions for race day on Saturday, September 2, 2017.

The Start/Finish area is at the picnic table and bathrooms by the Maunalaha trail head (just above the Hawaii Nature Center). Participants may arrive as early as 4:30am. Start time will be around 5:30am (or when John says ‘GOOOOOOO!!!!!!”). Be at the Start/Finish area no later than 5:15am to check-in with John and his lovely helpers as well as receive your race number.

Park below the gate on the road leading up to the Nature Center and NOT in the main parking area. Parking is available along the access road to the Nature Center (before the gate) and along Tantalus Drive (near the Makiki pumping station). When parking along the side of the road, have all of your tires off the roadway. A volunteer will be near the entrance of the access road to assist you with parking.

A single drop bag may be left at the Start/Finish and accessed by the runner at the completion/start of each loop. Please have it adequately labeled with your name. Also be courteous of your fellow runners by not bringing a large drop bag.

Runners will have 9 hours to complete the entire 30+ trail miles. The course will consist of three (10+ mile) loops heading up the Maunalaha trail (Hogsback), across Makiki Valley trail, up Nahuina trail, and along Tantalus Drive. Continue down Kalawahine trail then along Manoa Cliff and Moleka trails, then back across Makiki Valley trail (again) and down the Kanealole (Center/Pipe) trail and back to the start/finish.

Upon the completion of each loop, runners are required to check into the start/finish with a volunteer, stating their run number. Once they hear the volunteer report their number to John, they may proceed to their drop bag or get assistance from the volunteers. Upon starting loops 2 and 3, runners must report that they are departing out (i.e., “Runner 21 heading out on loop 3!!!”).

The finish area will close at 2:30pm. Runners must start their third/final loop by 11:30am and reach the Kalawahine aide station by 1:30pm.

There will be two aide stations along the course: at the Maunalaha-Kanealoloe trail head (start/finish area) and at the Roundtop Drive road crossing to Moleka trail. Both will be adequately stocked with water, sports drink, soda, fruits (watermelon, bananas, oranges), and various salty and sweet treats (peanut butter/jelly sandwiches, chips, pretzels, gummies, etc.) to keep you going for another loop (or two)!

Runners must carry a minimum of 24 ounces of water while on trail as well as supply their own gels, electrolytes, sports nutrition for the race. No aspirin or oral medications will be available.

Sunrise will not be until after 6am so please bring a personal light source (i.e. small flashlight, headlamp) to navigate the trail until the sun has adequately lit the trail.

We encourage you to get aide only at either of the two aide stations. While we do welcome crewing, have them meet you at these locations. Crewing anywhere else along the course will not be allowed. Additionally, pacers are NOT needed or allowed for this event.

Runners are expected to know the course or be able to follow the trail markings. There will be course marshals at the major intersections for only the first loop. The course will be adequately marked with ORANGE ribbon going from the start to the apex of the course (the top pig gate along Manoa Cliff trial). WHITE ribbon will take runners back down the start/finish. As always BLUE means “DO NOT GO HERE!”


The course crosses two roadways. There will be course marshals at both crossings and at all trail intersections for only the first loop. Thereafter, be careful when crossing these roadways. There will be, not only vehicles, but also cyclists and road runners so be cautious and courteous. This is a long race so a few seconds to be safe is well worth it.

Please listen to, thank, and respect the volunteers. We cannot have these events without them! Swearing or signs of disrespect may result in disqualification.

Augusto DeCastro and a few others will be along the course taking photographs. So please keep up those big smiles as you never know where they’ll be hiding!

As the course is not closed to the public, be courteous to all other trail users. Treat fellow runners and trail enthusiasts with the same kindness and respect that you would like to be treated with. If you would like to pass by, ask to do so when space is available and thank them. Likewise, if someone would like to pass by you, let them do so when space allows. Kindness goes a long way.

Please do not leave any `opala (garbage) on the trails. Littering may result in disqualification so “Pack it in and pack it out!”

Should you decide to pull yourself from the race, please inform the race directorate as soon as possible and before you leave the premises. We would like to ensure that all are safe and accounted for at the end of the day.

As runners finish, we will be having a build-your-own sandwich bar and a few other items for runners to enjoy. Please feel free to join us and bring a dish to share.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via email at hurt3trek[at]gmail.com.

Have a great remainder of week and hope to see you dark and early Saturday!


Sandi and Jeff (your 3T RDs)