HURT Ohana at the Javelina

Jeff Fong Inspecting the JJ100 Start/Finish Line


If you did not already know, a couple of our HURT Ohana will be running the Javelina Jundred this weekend in the high deserts of Arizona.

The race will start at 3am HST, Saturday, October 29, 2016, with a 30-hour cutoff. For an official finish, they have to be done by 9am HST on Sunday.

So please follow their progress through Ultracast and cheer them on. Jeff Fong is number 225, and Elisa Schasse is number 448.


Elisa Schasse Missing Hawaii.

Eric Allosada and Scot Kuwaye will also be there to offer their awesome support.

Go Team HURT!

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Need old pics for exciting new HURT legacy documentary!!!

Aloha HURT ohana,

SHORT VERSION: email me for link to google drive to submit old pics of HURT ohana for rad new documentary in the works about the history of HURT! ( This is the link to see what pics have been gathered so far, but I'll send you a link if you have pics to upload. The older the pics, the better, in general, especially pics that are candid and catch the raw emotion of HURT.

Mahalo, Matt

Long version: This is Matt Stevens writing from Oregon. If you've never heard of me, I'm the guy who used to race Out and Back in women's Montrails, a fact which Cheryl Loomis will never let me forget...that's enough personal info. for the time being.

JohnPJSo with Big John's blessing, I will be coming out to the HURT 100 this year with a new friend and filmmaker named Steven Mortinson. Steven is originally from southern OR, an ultra runner and an amazing filmmaker. ( I first met him this July up at Mount Hood when he was on day 7 of 8 filming HURT 100 veteran Yassine Diboun and 2 other PNW runners attempt the FKT on the Oregon section of the PCT. Steven's a great guy and I know you guys at HURT this year will enjoy getting to know him. I had seen his one minute "Get After It" edit for the Wy'East Wolfpack and thought "dang, this guy's got skills." As a drone photographer, his final few sequences with the drone shot on the ridge above the Columbia River blew me away. Nate Lewis and I met up with the crew and had fun doing some filming, droning and just generally being groupies in the FKT attempt.

A month ago, he premiered the full film of "One Step at A Time" (click for trailer here) in Portland to much excitement in the running community hear. It is currently making the rounds across the country in a Trail Running Film Festival. I know, how cool is it that such a film festival is now a thing! ( Once I saw the full film "One Step at a Time," I couldn't get two thoughts out of my mind: 1. the story of the HURT ohana over the last 35ish years and how the HURT 100 came from this and developed into it's current state is an amazing story that needs to be told, and 2. Steven has the skill set and passion for running to tell this story the right way and do it justice. Since then, I've been selling this idea to Steven, John and PJ, and others the same way Big John infamously sold me on doing the HURT 100 and then getting me to actually finish, even if turned out to be a five year project! Hopefully this project doesn't take that long.

So with all this in mind and a keen awareness to the special culture of HURT and trying to keep it "free of a$$holes" (Big John's words! (: ) Steven and I are going to be filming in January and trying to tell the story as authentically as we can. We want to use every tool we can, including old pics, videos and rad drone shots to make a film that honors all who have given selflessly to the community to make HURT what it is. Jimmy Wilkinson, my close friend and owner of will be sharing his expertise to capture needed aerial footage and sharing the amazing footage he's already gotten in HI over the past 2 years. (check out his 3 min edit of he and I up on Pu'u Mana Mana to get a taste of his work) With John's support, we are committing to producing a short promo/trailer video to be shown at the HURT dinner in January. We will then be launching a pledge drive online, asking anyone who is interested in having this story told how much they would be willing to pledge to make it happen. If we can reach a still to be determined mark in pledges, we will then ask people to actually give. And if we actually collect the needed funds, we will actually make the film that deserves to be told in as compelling as way possible. Actually! (:

My passion for doing this is simple: I want to honor the people (read: you guys) who have made this community and race what it is, especially John and PJ. Through all of the physical ups and downs, I am humbled that John and PJ do this year in and year out to foster the kind of life transforming community and event that has touched so many hundreds of people. Their (and mine!) prime running days may be in their past, but they keep giving and giving and giving. I find this amazing and inspiring and want to thank them for how HURT changed me and made my wife and kids part of the ohana. We know that many other great films have been made about the HURT 100, but we want to get more at the history with this project.

HURT-OGAnd though my part is small of the story, it is significant for me. Richard Senelly and PJ spent hundreds/thousands of hours investing in us Pac Five knucklehead kids. They taught me love the trails and adventure and friends. Big John and PJ came to our track meets and John still BS's about the time I lost to Valencia. At age 22, I had run 2:46 at HNL marathon and thought I was tough enough to win HURT and run sub 24. I know, don't laugh...I was naive enough to believe it. I crashed and burned like most HURT virgins and dropped at 72, vowing never to return. But John convinced me to return, and and five years later I found myself at mile 80 at 8 am feeling optimistic about actually finishing. And then the wheels came off, I got sick, discouraged, my heel was coming unglued and Jeff Huff, who was feeling fine in his race, slowed WAY the crap down and basically held my hand for 15 long painful miles that were filled with plenty of swearing and whining, and got me to the finish. So by age 29, the HURT ohana had taught me that it is ok to dream big about winning and crap like that, but learning that you have genuine friends that will tolerate you at your worst to help you finish is infinitely more amazing and is pretty useful for making it through the harder parts of life that we will all face.

So that's it. Props to anyone who got this far, and I hope you guys can find a little time to dig up some old pics and video because they are crucial to telling the story. Please email me directly, and I will send you link giving you access to upload pics. We are hoping to get the story arc in place before getting to HI, so any pics you can upload sooner than later would be much appreciated.

Mahalo HURT ohana,


A Big Mahalo To Freddy

Freddy on the course of 2015 Peacock Ultra 100k

A tough and grueling race such as the Peacock Challenge 55 requires an equally tough and determined race director in its helm. Freddy Halmes stepped up and took the lead in keeping this beastly event going. His hard work, persistence, and big heart made this race not only a reality but a success story.

In fact, he is already preparing for next year's race on top of organizing the Tiki Lounge aid station in Nuuanu for the HURT 100!

A big mahalo to Freddy for his tireless dedication to the HURT Ohana.

Peacock Challenge Results, Photos, and Mahalos

Alyssa Amos - PC55 Overall Winner

Congratulations to all of the runners who conquered the Peacock beast! You are strong and determined athletes and should be feeling pride (and some fatigue). Strong work everyone!

Click Here for the results.

To the volunteers

Jeff Frank - PC55 2nd Place Overall

Thank you for spending the day up in the mountain and down in the aid stations. You helped us make this race safe and fun. Thank you for your presence on that course!

John and PJ - Thank you for taking a chance with me as RD to take this race BACK into our HURT schedule.

Loren and Ruby - Thank you for taking a big chance in driving up there and man the Three-way aid station.

Marian and Neal  (and Larry Inouye and Judy Carluccio and Jacque Tellei ) - I don't know how it was at Long Road buI I heard ONLY GREAT remarks about your aid station.

Jeff Huff and Augusto - Guys just look at the booklet for Peacock Challenge (that explains enough).

Jeff Fong - Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. Oh, I almost forgot, THANK YOU!!! Good luck next week at Javelina Jundred.

Sandi (Myra, Linda, and Joe C.) - Thank you for taking always notes when we are together. After hearing that you guys had a "Team" going on at the tracking station I did not really get it until I saw the pictures :)

Steve and Rosie (Andy and 1 more person) - Thank you for spending the day "training" up on the mountain. You helped us make this event much safer.

Wily - This race would NOT have been the way it was without his help, ingenuity, know-how, and talent for effect (did you see the landing strip he made for the finish line?

Glenn, Iris and Jaren Oshiro, Benita, Daintry, and Kana - For sweeping and cleaning up the course, Thank you!

Michael Cole and Luke - Thank you for directing everyone where to park with your red wands. Next year, we'll get you bullhorns, too.

Here's a touching note from one of the participants:


I am the tattooed up Marine who ran with Dave Bauman (another one).  We are more than grateful for your willingness to allow the both of us to participate in the 2016 Peacock Challenge this year.  We really are.  You didn't have to and you went on the word of another (Gordon) who personally vouched for us, despite our making the qualifications to do so.  I would argue that even most military men/women can't do this race and you were "putting your neck/reputation/name on the line" in order to do so.

Words can't express to you how grateful we are that you did this.  It was, by far, the most challenging ultra that I have ever done and you already know that I've done a few (to include 100 milers).  The terrain alone is brutal.  That, coupled with the distance, it just about impossible.  Despite our rigorous training, we STILL only came in 45 minutes prior to the horn blowing.

Much of the race, all that we could think about was not letting our families down, not letting ourselves down and not letting Gordon and Freddy down. Seriously.

Seriously. The support was so beyond what was expected of us that I personally think that you guys could easily charge much more.  The bang-for-buck ratio was outstanding.  Amazing staff that came to support the race.  Just amazing.

From the bottom of our hearts......thanks, brother.  Thank you very much.  A memory that will forever be embedded in our hearts.

Please share this will all staff that you deem applicable, sir.

Semper Fidelis,

Capt Port, Patrick J. - USMC

From PJ to Freddy:

Congratulations Freddy on a very successful Peacock 55. We are so glad you brought it back. I think we were skeptical of pulling it off, but you put together a very professional event. All the runners, as well as the volunteers, had a great time. You thought of everything, and we all appreciate how much time and effort you put into the race. It was a good one Freddy! Thank you from all of us! We love you!

PJ Salmonson

Event photos:

Kalani Pascual hiked over 11 miles to cover the most remote areas of the course. Click here to view his photos on Facebook. Augusto was also out near the aid stations snapping for HURT's Instagram account, and his own photo gallery. Please give them credit for photos you decided to use and share online.

Peacock Challenge Final Update


Aloha athletes and volunteers,

The Peacock Challenge is this Saturday, October 15! We ask the following of you prior to the event, during the event and after the event.

Prior To The Event:

Bibs numbers have been posted at UltraSignup.

Review the PC 55 Mile information posted here and pay special attention to the section about staying on the trail.

Prepare your drop bags (thinking minimalist), and mark them accordingly with your name, bib number and desired location (Long Road, Start/Finish Line).

Print the course map.

Get adequate nourishment and hydration before the event.

Race Morning:

Bib pick up begins at 5:15 am, the race starts at 6am. Place bibs on the front of the body, we need to account for you all over a vast course.

Park in designated parking area,

Utilize the portable potties at the race start,


It is recommended that you carry a minimum of 50 ounces of fluid, a flashlight and (backup), cell phone and the course map.

It will be early when the run starts, there are houses near the start/finish line. We ask that we keep the noise to a level, so not to disturb the residents.

During The Event:

No littering on the course. Abide by all the rules of the event. Future permitting of the event relies upon your Kokua.

Stay on the trail. Utilize the portable toilets provided (Start/Finish and Long Road)

Check in / out of each aid station. If you drop from the event you must advise an aid station captain, so we know you have left the course.

Be kind and courteous to race volunteers. Abide by the directions of our aid station captains, and race patrol volunteers. We love our volunteers and this event would not happen without them. Mistreatment, back talk, and profanity towards the volunteers will not be tolerated. We don’t have an exclusive use permit for the event, we will be sharing the trail with hikers.

Cutoffs will be utilized, they are as follows:

  • Start/Finish (Conclusion of Lap 1): 2:00 pm
  • Three Way Aid Station (Second Lap / After Satellite Tracking Station): 6:00 pm
  • Long Road (Second Lap) 7:30 pm
  • Finish Line: 10:00 pm

After The Event:

The Airfield is secured at sundown. We have been advised that security will allow exit at @ 30-minute increments once secured. Plan your exit accordingly.

It will be dark when most finish, again please be respectful of the noise level with the neighbors.

Get some rest, we are looking forward to a fantastic event.

Thank you for your participation in the PC 55!



Registration Deadline for Peacock Challenge 55

Aloha Athletes,

The deadline to register for Peacock Challenge 55 is next Saturday, October 1, at 11:59pm. So if you are on the fence, you know what to do. Register!

If you have not read the Peacock Challenge 55 (PC 55) Mile Run Information, please do so.

We also wanted to remind you that parking will be in the field adjacent to the Start marked as red in the map below. A marshal will be there to direct parking. Do NOT park anywhere else. Carpooling is highly recommended.




Tantalus Triple Trek Results and Mahalos

The 25th Tantalus Triple Trek is now in the books!! Big congratulations to all who participated! You made this event a big success! Billy Barnett and Malory Peterson won their respective divisions. 


They say a race is only as good as it's race director, but I say that's completely wrong. Thanks to a huge amount of support and team work exceeded expectations!!! Firstly major kudos to my co-race directors Sandi and Loren who went beyond the call countless times! Really love and enjoy teaming with you two!

Big Mahalo to the following (I'm sorry if I miss anyone):
John and PJ Salmonson for all the support and guidance;
Team Shults for organizing and managing the Kalawahine aide station. Plus their awesome volunteers: Liza, Katie, and Daintry;
Freddy Halmes for being the man that does it all (trail marking and removal, set up, clean up, and removing the fallen tree on Makiki Valley trail);
The HNC start/finish aide station crew: Heather, Iris, Myra, Ruby, Amanda, Caroline, Matt, Alex, and Kristian;
Crack course marshals who did double duty (at the aide stations): Vicki, Ruby, Caroline, Amanda, Myra, and Kristian;
Course photos: Kalani Pascual;
Set-up of the start/finish: Farmer Augusto;
Set-up/clean up of the start/finish while also running the race: Mike Hee, Jaren and Glen Oshiro...really going beyond the call!!!
Sending much aloha to Cheryl, Marian, and Neal whose presence were greatly missed!

Please see Kalani's FB page to view your photos. If you use his photos, please give due credit to this great guy!

Click here for the results.

File_000Thank you everyone and we look forward to seeing everyone at next year's Triple Trek (or at the new Peacock race next month)!

A Hui Hou!!

Jeff, Sandi and Loren

Two Hurricanes Versus Triple Trek


With two storms possibly impacting our state this week (& the weekend), we want to assure you that we are tracking their development. Though the mottos of "We wouldn't want it easy" & "A little mud never HURT" come to mind, we are looking at everyone's safety first and foremost.

The current tracks have Hurricane Madeleine passing south, impacting Hawaii Island sometime Wednesday with the rest of the island chain feeling any residual Thursday. Hurricane Lester is predicted to impact the Islands during the weekend though it is not known to what degree. As we get further information and consult with Na Ala Hele, we will inform all what is happening. We will make the final call on Friday morning to whether the race will be postponed. We do realize that some have travelled overseas to do this event however we want to emphasize that the safety of everyone comes first. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Mahalo and have a great day.

Your Triple Trek RDs
Jeff, Sandi, & Loren

Click on the following links for up-to-date information:
Central Pacific Hurricane Center (NOAA)
Trail Announcements and Closures (Na Ala Hele)


Aloha Everyone,

File_000The big day is just around the corner…the 25th running of H.U.R.T.’s Tantalus Triple Trek!!!!

Here are the instructions for race day on Saturday, September 3, 2016.

Start time will be around 5:30am (or when John says ‘GOOOOOOO!!!!!!”). Be at the Start/Finish area no later than 5:15am to check-in with PJ and John and receive your number.

The Start/Finish area is at the picnic table and bathrooms by the Maunalaha trail head (just above the Hawaii Nature Center). Participants may arrive as early as 4:30am.

Please park below the gate on the road leading up to the Nature Center and NOT in the main parking area. Parking is available along the access road to the Nature Center (before the gate) and along Tantalus Drive (near the Makiki pumping station). When parking along the side of the road, have all of your tires off the roadway. A volunteer will be near the entrance of the access road to assist you with parking.

When driving up along Makiki Heights Drive then up the driveway of the Nature Center please keep your speed down and the noise volume to a minimum. We want to respect the residents of the area and not disturb them.  It will be dark and there will be other people about the area (runners, volunteers, trail users) so we don’t want any incidents.

A single drop bag may be left at the Start/Finish and accessed by the runner at the completion/start of each loop. Please have it adequately labeled with your name. Also be courteous of your fellow runners by not bringing a large drop bag.

Runners will have 9 hours (until 2:30 pm) to complete the entire 30+ trail miles. The course will consist of three (10+ mile) loops heading up the Kanealole (Center/Pipe) trail, across Makiki Valley trail, up Moleka and Manoa Cliffs trails, down Kalawahine and Nahuina trails, across Makiki Valley trail again and down the Maunalaha trail (Hogsback) back to the start/finish.

Upon the completion of each loop, runners are required to check into the start/finish with a volunteer, stating their run number. Once they hear the volunteer report their number to John, they may proceed to their drop bag or get assistance from the volunteers. Upon starting loops 2 and 3, runners must report that they are departing out (i.e., “Runner 21 heading out on loop 3!!!”).

The finish area will close at 2:30pm. Runners must start their third/final loop by 11:30am and reach the Kalawahine aide station by 1:30pm.

There will be two aide stations along the course: at the Maunalaha-Kanealole trail head (start/finish area) and at the top of the Kalawahine trail (at the bottom of Concrete/Telephone Road). Both will be adequately stocked with water, sports drink, soda, fruits (watermelon, bananas, oranges), and various salty and sweet treats (peanut butter/jelly sandwiches, chips, pretzels, gummies, etc.) to keep you going for another loop (or two)!

Runners shall bring their own supply of gels, electrolytes, magic potions for the race (to be kept in their drop bag). No aspirin or oral medications will be available. These can be accessed at the start/finish of each loop.

Sunrise will not be until after 6am so please bring a personal light source (i.e. small flashlight, headlamp) to navigate the trail until the sun has adequately lit the trail.

We encourage you to get aide only at either of the two aide stations. While we do welcome crewing, have them meet you at these locations. Crewing anywhere else along the course will not be allowed. Additionally, pacers are NOT needed or allowed for this event.

Runners are expected to know the course or be able to follow the trail markings. There will be course marshals at the major intersections for only the first loop. The course will be adequately marked with ORANGE ribbon going from the start to the apex of the course (the top pig gate along Manoa Cliff trail). WHITE ribbon will take runners back down the start/finish. As always BLUE means “DO NOT GO HERE!”

The course crosses two roadways. There will be course marshals at both crossings for only the first loop. Follow their instructions when to cross. Thereafter, be careful when crossing these roadways. There will be, not only vehicles, but also cyclists so be cautious and courteous. This is a long race so a few seconds to be safe is well worth it.

Please listen to, thank, and respect the volunteers. We cannot have these events without them! Swearing or signs of disrespect may result in disqualification.

As always, Kalani Pascual will be our race photographer. If you can find him (he has a tendency to be in the most unexpected places), please give him a big smile and thanks!

As the course is not closed to the public, be courteous to all other trail users. Treat fellow runners and trail enthusiasts with the same kindness and respect that you would like to be treated with. If you would like to pass by, ask to do so when space is available and thank them. Likewise, if someone would like to pass by you, let them do so when space allows. Kindness goes a long way.

Please do not leave any `opala (garbage) on the trails. Littering may result in disqualification so “Pack it in and pack it out!”

Should you decide to pull yourself from the race, please inform the race directorate as soon as possible and before you leave the premises. We would like to ensure that all are safe and accounted for at the end of the day.

As runners finish, we will be cooking burgers and hot dogs for all to enjoy. Feel free to join us and bring a dish to share.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us via email at hurt3trek[at]gmail[dot]com.

Have a great remainder of week and hope to see you dark and early Saturday!


Sandi, Loren, and Jeff (da 3T RDs)


Aloha Everyone,

Only one last weekend on the trail to get a final loop or two in!

File_000This Saturday, August 27, Jeff will be leading another preview/training runs to go at least one full loop of the course. Meet at the picnic and restroom area at the Maunalaha-Kanealoloe trail head (by the Hawaii Nature Center) at 5:30am. Bring a minimum of 20 oz of water as well as any nutrition (gels, energy bars, magic potions) you require, a (handheld) flashlight/headlamp, and most of all, a big smile. If you have not yet been on race course, make it a point to join us or have someone who does know it to take you on it very soon!! If you will be joining us and haven’t been on the Tantalus trails, please make it a point to remain with Jeff and the group, or be with someone who knows the course. As no pacers will be allowed for the race, it is highly recommended for those not familiar with the course to participate in this final session.

Here is a map of the course:


For those unfamiliar with the trails, feel free to print a copy for reference along the training run.

If you choose to do additional mileage or be on your own, be sure to have adequate water and nutrition as well as know the route (as well as your limits).

Please feel free to us contact via email at hurt3trek[at]gmail[dot]com.

Have a great remainder of week and hope to see you on the trails!


Sandi, Loren, and Jeff (da 3T RDs)