Saturday Training 7-8-06
Kaena Firecracker Photo's from Jozef Gyurke

Kinder Gentler Maunawili 22 Miler Update

Aloha All,

Apologies if I offended anyone with my post about the Maunawili run. Let me try again.


August 12, 7:a.m.

Cost: $10 / runner

Please carry a minimum of 2 water bottles with you, it does get hot and humid in the valley. There is an aid station at 11  miles where you can fill your bottles back up. There is also aid at the finish line.

The course is a somewhat runnable trail, however it will not be marked. Those who do not know the route may want to run with someone else.

Volunteers are few and far between. If you need to drop out at the other side it may take a while to get you transportation back to the start (although we can't guarantee it).

We will be using a staggered start based upon age and other variables in an attempt to make this an event where finishers complete the run in close proximity to one another. Some runners may start before 7. Some may start as late as 7:40. First one back across the finish line is the winner. No times will be recorded. If you would like to you know total time please start your wwatch at the beginning and stop it at the finish.

Since this event is basically show up, and sign up I currently have no knowledge of interested relay teams. If you would like to run as a relay you might need to find your own partner.

Parking is limited at the lookout. Please help out and utilize the parking along the road. Those who don't will may be placed in the last stagger.

Since my wife has to get my son to his golf lesson there will be a 3 hour 10 minute cutoff at the far end. The aid station will close at 10:10 promptly.

I would like to welcome you all to this great event. We are going to have a fantastic time.




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Thanks for the update Huffer. Nice Tone! I would love to join you for a morning of fun filled frolicking through the forrest. See you there.


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